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That corporal punishment should be allowed in schools

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GilmoregirlGilmoregirl (PRO)
Corporal punishment should be allowed in schools for many reasons such as: When a parent or gaurdian has their child attend school and they are there just as often as they are at home, it seems fair to give equal authority to teachers to dicipline the child as the parents. If a child does not have proper morals, as typically until a certain age they don't, then it would be up to the parent or gaurdian to instill them. The problem is, when a child is at home only half of their childhood the parent cannot instill these morals completely. They need the help of other well qualified adults at the school to teach them. The only way for a teacher to be able to help is to have the same freedoms as parents or gaurdians of the child. If parents have the right to reasonable corporal punishment then so should the teachers.

Another reason corporal punishment should be allowed in schools is that some children will push their limits. Harold Bennet, PhD, President and Dean of the Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary, said "children need to understand boundaries and I think that children need to understand that there should be punishments... in direct proportion to the improper behavior that they might demonstrate." (Procon.org, Should Corporal Punishment be Used in K-12 Schools) This states that if a child misbehaves in a way that may harm either themselves or others around them they should be punished in a way to make them understand how wrong they were. If a child does not think there will be consequences for their actions how will they ever learn how to properly act? 

One final reason to prove that schools should allow corporal punishment is that children don't just know right from wrong, they have to learn it. Children are not born with perfect morals and behaviors, nor are they born rude and hostile. They are reflections of the world around them. Everything they see impacts their actions, both in good and bad ways. If a child is brought up in a household that is hostile and quick tempered then they may not know that that behavior is wrong, as it is all they know. Since most children go to public or private schools they can learn from the teachers who give them corporal punishment that hostility is no way to act. The fact is corporal punishment is for the good of the students and in no way to harm them. It simply punishes them in a way that will send the message 'this is wrong!' And will show them not to do that action again or they will again recieve this punishment. 

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2018-05-05 18:11:16
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Alexandre The Thrice GreatAlexandre The Thrice Great (CON)
A dystopian future where teachers are acclaimed institutionalised children such as prisoners within detention centre of the Legal system who no longer want to leave (Shawshank redemption) .. and both younger members(Students) and Adults(Teachers) of the primary and secondary education systems have access to corporal punishment as a corrective tool to be used, abused, freely and responsibly as a method of communicating and educating one another,  ?!? 

The motion is denied: That corporal punsisment be allowed in schools.
 or redefined win: That Corporal punishment to  be kept OUT of shcools

Motion definition:
/ I find that you in your opening argument you have failed to venture further that loose moral outline Corporal punishment lacking in any more depth of examples of punishment other than the ruling of in favour of Corporal punishment, you have not defined the limits or impacts of Corporal punishment at all?
You have instead only outlined three cases where Corporal punishment is found, and could be carefully rooted out of schools in favour of educational measures(To Teach harder, rather than punish the child) or within the Education and behaviour around the offered gift of profession  "a Teacher" an "Educational institute"  and situations where corporal punishment may NEED to be introduced and used to intervene, though you say nothing more as to what those punishment may include?


 What is Corporaly defined as Corporal punishment in schools and how far can the schools push it?

is there a difference in the time a detention correction for a child may 'distract from the normal interaction with fellow schoolmates' and that such as solitary confinement is designed to do within most prison correction centres?
What is Corporal punishment, and why should it be let into schools? .. if detention classes, expulsions and teacher/student bullying then are exactly the behavior of staff and student Corporal punishment is designed to weed out of the school in the first place?
Fighting Corporal punishment with Corporal punishment?


/behaviour categories of aural speech patterse and the like Eg. Latin and physical education Eg. Football should be taught in schools

Should we leave our children in schools that maintain an atmosphere of deathly supervision/and after-hours detention centres where/when corporal punishment is a recognised form of behaviour? Recognised by both staff and student alike? 
That is say to leave a child in a unchanged nappy! or an unchanged nappy on a child, and not the bin?
     though never the child in a  bin .. nor a dirty nappy in a school system.?

I say Corporal Punishment is to be kept OUT of the school, and within it's own natural hedgerow environment 'on the stages of political and Legal justice systems.'
On what good character do you establish that Corporal Punishment then SHOULD be allowed into schools also? places of educational sanctity ...?

Retort :
Should you on your side also outline two classmates in direct competition with one another; generate a general healthy environment for teachers and students and respectively that their creativity and inquisitiveness may flourish
I ask you to imagine conversely, an environment where both students and teachers have access to punitive measures either outlined by you within YOUR next argument, or somewhere within the shadows of war /.. or not at all .. a failure upon your side's faculty?

Teachers must act like shadows upon the walls of the educational facilities each performing their relative continoul study of chosen subjects; arts math etc. Corporal punishment then should be seen as the very same bullying going on in a schools playground but from the stages in the baackground of a teacher's, and associated educational professionals, mind.

Teachers however in a society without corporal punishment may, instead of being found within the boundaries of Corporal punitive measures during their time that was intended to be furthering study, practice and thus teaching of a single chosen field, be found to be, supervising and allowing the path for a child's inquisitiveness and creativity, blossom.
And found to be refining/forging paths to each, carefully, supervised by a dedicated adult, subject.

The child most likely would remain, without corporal punishment, creative and curious and their teachers would remain within their blossoming educational field of 'Arts/Geography/Math/Science'... rather than be found, out of hours conveying bullying or corporal punishment as accepted forms or behaviours within an educational institute.

That Corporal punishment when applied to society at large dividends into citizens mind into desire and wish fulfilment, and creates the sanctions of larger nation states and political movements, later studied and refined in school systems, such as America sanctions Russian trade,.. These examples of Corporal Punishment outside of schools must REMAIN outside of schools and within the Political movements that make up of which society of whole consists.  
None the less, within the smaller systems of arts and science educational schools, the aural, kinetic, psychokentic and emotional passing of knowledge and thus fruit to a blissful child's path, must continue as a teaching similar to that of a philosopher and the moon; refined from the moral encroachment of the populous as theirs; Corporal punishment.

However corporal punishment is only half the problem found in school systems: encouragement seems to have allowed the students  and child    the freedom to bully themselves into infinite buddhist like reincarnations including other dead baby stories who never made it into college system to take honors Degrees that could be brought back to schools such as is the hero's journey.. the kind of unconditional love and enlightenment founded in society should alongside corporal punishment remain outside of schools allowing the carefully supervised garden like library of dedicated teachers and their subjects refined into totems such as is the the body of language to English and european dialects as the numerical systems as preserved in 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 is to mathematics and the mental, metal, and emotional found reflected in Musical notation, Technology and its various circuitry and computer programming and material casings, or religious text books with their personified deities and vague emotional connection to spiritual groundings, continue to be taught in Schools;
School; A sanctuary of Education and oasis to a world of CHaotic lovers and 'Corporal' Punishment.?

 these ideas should remain separate and function in separate institutions such as the punitive branch of the Law and the court systems or the unconditional love of a Hollywood's boulevards scene; neither are places for a child's education to be found blossoming


also Father. Frederich neitzsche is neither good nor evil, theus neither can be taught/ or counter balanced for .. withing a Punitive , such as Corperal, Sergent, Major, manslaughter or and any other forms of 'Punishment', system. 
thus shcools have continually instead applied pressure to KEEP BULLYING OUT of the educational system, and emphasis funded to instead Teach Enlglish, Math, The Arts, Music, Science and Techonology, Religous studies emotional and Physical education (e.e and P.E) and other comon forms of class examined and puirsuied by Scholory professional and child alike 
Whilst Corperal punishment remains a sociological curiosity to emerge from humans such as is a smile to a joke, or a race to the gold medals at sports day?? 

why do you want to let Corporal punshment in??
Ans: Corporal punishment 

(*Side notE: ?? Is throwing a dodgeball at a child corporal punishment when you are the supervisory role within the school teaching and training board and not either of the to be supervised student teams ?? and if so emotional support services such as Guidance counselling there exist systematic abuse of a child's freedom and liberties to a future or a mind (Joseph Gobbles radio shows); negligence and ignorance or 'favoritism' within grading and teaching methods .. these abuses often manifest most clearly when held in the classification of Corporal Punishment)
This is not the to be allowed enter the body of classmates and must not thus be allowed enter into the behavioural patterns of a school managing board; inverse proportions nor punitive measures can, as correction measures to the general movement and breathing of the school cycle, spring exams to summer holidays, bring other than restrictive and limiting measures against the school itself.

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2018-05-07 03:44:10
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Alexandre The Thrice GreatAlexandre The Thrice Great
Corporal punishment
Posted 2018-05-07 04:30:39
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