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That corporal punishment should be allowed in schools

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HelloHello (CON)
Hello, fellow Edeb8 members. Thanks for debating with me, Redneck.

Definition of Corporal Punishment: 
'Corporal Punishment' (CP) is a somewhat broad term. It usually involves beating someone with objects, such as canes[1], whips, paddles, and sticks. This is carried out with the intention of punishing a person to correct a negative behavior. Though several nations fully ban corporal punishment[2], it's still allowed in many parts of the world, including several southern states within the U.S.

Specifics & Regulations: 
Rules and regulations for Corporal Punishment vary from nation to nation, and can even vary between school districts within the same state. In the context of how it's presently carried out in schools in the U.S., Corporal Punishment is often limited to a precise number of strikes with a wooden paddle on students who are often young. In India, Corporal Punishment via firewood was carried out on a student, and became the probable cause of the student's death[3]. 

Pro hasn't supported his position with evidence (that corporal punishment should be allowed in schools)At a bare minimum, I think it's reasonable to ask if CP is an effective way to deter negative behavior in schools

Concerns with Corporal Punishment in Schools (U.S. focused)
  1. Unenforceable Regulations
  2. May be used without Parental permission and against their wishes
  3. May weaken other school policies, such as sexual harassment policies 
  4. Inconsistent Pain
  5. Other
1. Unenforceable Regulations 
Many Corporal Punishment regulations are difficult or impossible to enforce. For example, Pontotoc County (MS) forbids teachers from using Corporal Punishment with malice[4], but a teacher can simply choose not to reveal this intention. This is deceptive towards parents, who may read the "regulations" in their handbook, only to draw a picture of CP that might not match reality.

2. Without Parental Permission 
CP may be used without parental permission (Ingraham v Wright, 1977), but many schools allow parents to opt-out. Parents against CP may feel confident that their children won't receive it, because their school district requires parental permission before administering it. This confidence may be irrelevant. Leeds Elementary school in Alabama handed out permission slips for Corporal Punishment to be used. Many parents were unaware that the school treated the student's failure to return the form as automatic consent to administer CP[5]. 

3. Weaken Other Policies  
Due to Sexual Harassment policies, some districts require CP to be administered by a teacher of the same gender as the student.  In 2012, outraged parents complained when male assistant principals in Texas violated this policy by spanking two teenage students[6]. To correct this, the school district promptly changed the same-sex policy, so that a female teacher would only have to watch.  

4. Inconsistent Pain
Two students who violated the same policies with the same intentions can receive the same number of strikes with the same force. The linebacker with more muscle mass on his lower body (or perhaps adipose tissue) can feel significantly less pain, compared to the cheerleader receiving the same punishment. A stronger teacher may hit harder than a weaker teacher. An older teacher may be less accurate than a younger teacher. Attempting to correct for this can be difficult, and may be unfair in its own right. 

5. Other
As delicate as the regulation of physical pain on impressionable students is, a comprehensive book by the Human Rights Watch organization[7] cites several studies and interviews. These contain real-life examples of CP being carried out in practice less desirably than it sounds in theory. Examples include a pregnant student being paddled for tardiness, and students receiving CP for traits associated with their learning disorders.

With these concerns in mine, I await Pro to provide proof that Corporal Punishment should be allowed in schools.
[1] http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/corporal-punishment
[2] http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/11/08/country.comparisons.corporal.punishment/
[3] http://indianexpress.com/article/india/crime/teacher-beats-class-one-student-to-death-jharkhand-reports-its-first-corporal-punishment-case/

[4] http://www.pcsd.k12.ms.us/documents/Additional%20Files/District/Handbooks/Teacher/teacher%20handbook%202011-2012.pdf
[5] http://insider.foxnews.com/2013/09/22/parents-upset-over-alabama-schools-corporal-punishment-permission-form 
[6] http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/25/texas-district-expands-co_0_n_1914522.html
[7] https://books.google.com/books?id=Msnz7-KMtU8C&pg=PA50#v=onepage&q&f=false
I did not mean to write that much.
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2015-05-18 10:17:32
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HelloHello (CON)
Sometimes, Corporal Punishment is used in ways which don't resolve issues. This can be problematic when coupled with students choosing corporal punishment over other forms of discipline. In Alabama, 28 male students who were in violation of the school haircut policy received corporal punishment. After two whacks, they were simply allowed to return to class [1]. Larry Konig, a family therapist specializing in disciplinary issues, criticized the decision.

"And it was ridiculous to think of a student allowed to return to class in open violation of the rules, even if he had just been paddled. What have you accomplished now (that) the kid is running around the school with long hair?"
[1] http://www.corpun.com/uss00508.htm
(3rd article), "Kids pick lickings", Birmingham Post-Herald, Alabama, 19 August 2005 

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2015-05-24 05:09:52
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I might take con on this if there is interest
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