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That Scientology should be recognized as a religion

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adminadmin (CON)
I'd like to thank my opponent for starting this debate, and graciously deciding to forfeit the first round.

My argument is simple: Scientology uses their religious status as a shield for legal protection, when in fact they are a business.

Scientology outright aims to make a profit. They see celebrity endorsements and elaborate promotional material as a means to wealth and free labor, including numerous practices that would be illegal if not for the religious status of Scientology.

It would be absurd to argue that something like Apple Computer should be called a religion, and their stores should be called churches. If they did, every company would seek to do so. Yet this is precisely what Scientology does.

It's a corrupt business model and one that has gone on for too long.

The resolution is negated.

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2015-10-06 00:38:40
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