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That Google should inform the authorities about suicide searches

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Pasta DebatesPasta Debates (PRO)
It is because I believe in the safety of ALL individuals lives that I affirm "That Google should inform the authorities about suicide searches".

Observation 1 is that in order for my opponent to win the debate, the negative burden is to provide at least more than 1 instance in which an analysis to reason is presented of how negative this information could be to ALL individuals to society.

Observation 2 is that in order for myself to win the debate, the affirmative burden is to provide at least 1 exemplifying reason towards how this analysis could be beneficial to at least one victim of suicide.

Observation 3 is that there is 1 suicide attempted every minute, and 1 suicide is actually completed every 18 minutes {1}.

The highest value of today's debate is human dignity. Human Dignity can be easily defined as the recognition that all humans have intrinsic worth regardless of there status of place in life. In order to achieve human dignity, my value criterion is the saving of lives that would decrease suicides in the status quo.

As the affirmation I would now like to present a plan. The affirmative plan is to provide information to a federal government drive in which information such as IPS, account information, name, etc. are all to the access of the government. Anything that follows the key words of "how to commit suicide" or something similar would then be reported to the FBI. Then, the authorities of that nearby area would be permitted to go through "search and seizure" to scan the area for possible threats to life. This person then would be interrogated, and then be sent to therapy. Also, Google should be able to provide restrictions and ultimately delete all access to any documentations that provides information of how one should take there life.

Now, due to the fact that this argumentation is completely "last minute" I have no contention, but I have LAY STATEMENTS:

  1. Suicide is something that we shouldn't play with. We, as humans, have to take responsibility for actions that can harm others in society.
  2. Suicide CAN be detrimental to family members, in which it could be possible for the family to take there life.
  3. Suicide is something that happens in ALL ages, we cannot let this continue happening, and any restrictions and precautions we can place will benefit us and all others.

For these logical reasons, I would like to ask you to affirm the resolution.

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2017-03-17 01:28:32
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Pasta DebatesPasta Debates
@Dassault Papillon That is not what I am advocating for.
Posted 2017-03-14 00:50:28
Dassault PapillonDassault Papillon
Let's say that some famous celebrity kills himself and millions of people start googling "(*insert celebrity name*) suicide". Should Google alert the authorities then so they can waste their valuable resources towards investigating millions of potentially suicidal people? If not, how would you be able to tell when the situation warranted it?
Posted 2017-03-13 23:16:14
Dassault PapillonDassault Papillon
I've Googled suicide-related stuff before and I don't think I've ever contemplated suicide.
Posted 2017-03-13 23:14:24
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