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That Affirmative Action be abolished nationally

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Digitsofe271Digitsofe271 (PRO)
Section 1: Affirmative Action is unconstitutional and should be abolished
First, I'd like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate. Furthermore, during this debate I in no way associate myself with active racism, nor the defense of racist groups. Rather, I am advocating for a constitutional, character based, platform. Now, I'm only going to refer to racial Affirmative Actions, for it is the most controversial and prominent in the news media. 

To begin, I'd like to clarify some subjects; in this debate I'm only going to refer to racial Affirmative Action, not Affirmative Actions pertaining to nationality, sex, gender, or health. So to begin I will define what Affirmative Action is, Affirmative Action is the act of favoritism and lowering of standards towards a certain group of people, in this case, disadvantaged races.  Affirmative Actions do not pose overall advantage to all; rather, it is affiliated with previously discriminated and disadvantaged races, for instance, Blacks and African Americans. Furthermore, the usage of Affirmative Actions initiates racial quotas, as what occurred during the trial of Bakke v Regents of University of California. Racial quotas are numeric accounts of diversity: requirements for an organization (typically a university) to exhibit diversity. 

Now, the idea of diversity is not detrimental, rather, the forced upon requirements of diversity not only exhibits unequal opportunities, but also an unconstitutional impediment of another's pursuit of happiness. For instance, according to a study by three Princeton students, asian americans were deducted 50 points on the SAT by university measures; however, african americans and hispanics were boosted by 180-220 points on the SAT. Moreover, one may say that "the needs of these disadvantaged minorities outweigh those of other races", and that the usage of race in admissions into the labor force, workplaces, and universities are seen as in a holistic view; however, the effects still remain--affirmative actions have not improved the situation of disadvantaged minorities: ie. labor unions protecting workers against President John F. Kennedy's Executive Order 10925 [Section 301], which depicts the removal of workers to compensate for the working gap of Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities. Thus, establishing an attempt of alleviating the racial tension that occurred during the 1960s; however, similar to before, organizations platformed by an attempt to develop "affirmative actions", or "positive actions" failed. 

Several labor unions impeded attempts to reconstruct the labor force by integration; nepotism of bosses and managers elevated the loss of particular Whites in the labor union, especially in construction and building occupations. Therefore, similar to how Affirmative Action had failed previously, affirmative actions have failed currently, particularly in admissions to universities. For instance, since the 1960s, Affirmative Actions have not had a noticeable effect; rather, states that have abolished acts of Affirmative Action, like California, have actually experienced lower Black unemployment and higher Black university admissions. 

Pertaining to the diversity crisis going on in the labor force and in universities, ideally, in capitalistism, the best of best, most elite were chosen, rather than individuals based on ones skin color. Even holistic decisions based on one's race should not be included whatsoever in opportunities--capitalism should be the ultimate standard, not the usage of one's exterior racial skin tone. 

To conclude, I'd like to quote Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” ―Martin Luther King Jr.

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2020-02-11 04:07:19
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