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Segregation existed because of strange behavior.

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RishiD123RishiD123 (CON)
Segregation in the United States was the systemic separation of Americans based on the color of their skin. White people and black people were kept as far away as possible to limit animosity between the two groups. The plan was to keep them separate but equal. However that was a lie. Black people suffered from tremendous inequalities in terms of access to education, health care, and basic human rights. Thus segregation did not exist because of so called strange behavior. Rather it occurred due to animosity fueled by whites who believed that they were somehow superior to blacks for no reason other than their dark colored skin. To say that black people were segregated and separated from white people because of their "strange behavior" is not only a racist argument but it also lacks any sort of substantial evidence and tears away at the fact that regardless of our race, ethnicity, sex, gender, etc we are all humans part of the same species living on the same planet.
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2021-01-13 12:53:20
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David NicholsDavid Nichols (PRO)
1.Blacks were segregated because of their degenerate behavior and persona, not color. Color isn't offensive. That's common sense. 2.Blacks don't avoid White areas, Whites avoid Black areas. 3.Blacks "suffered inequalities" because spending tax money on them was just a waste. They never change. 4.Yes, Whites have animosity towards people who act strange and offensive, and who won't go away. 5.Racism is NORMAL. Again, Whites think Blacks act strange. 6.Evidence? Just ask Whites why they don't move into Black neighborhoods or interact with Blacks otherwise. 7.Being human is irrelevant. There are normal-acting humans and strange-acting humans. Whites avoid the ones that seem strange.
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2021-01-13 13:43:07
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RishiD123RishiD123 (CON)
Pro is making false claims as to why Black people were segregated. It was not because they exhibited so called "strange behaviour" rather it was solely on the basis of their darker skin color compared to the European settlers in America at the time. It is completely uncalled for to say that Black people exhibit "strange behaviour" as we are all humans part of the same humanoid species and the only reason why Black folks have darker skin is because their ancestors spent more time in the Sun. In conclusion segregation was due to the fact that Americans viewed Blacks as subhuman creatures who were not deserving of "human" status. Lastly, I'd like to conclude by saying that Pro's argument rests completely in racist ideology that Black people are strange and are deviant from normal. This is obviously not true as skin color is not a differentiatior when it comes to judging people's personalities and qualities. 
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2021-01-15 09:32:56
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David NicholsDavid Nichols (PRO)
1.Con claims that the color black bothers White people. This is absurd. Whites have black shoes, cars, etc. Whites also get along fine with people from India; they are black-skinned. This is proof that negros were considered sub-human because of their BEHAVIOR. 2.Yes, we are all humans. Some act strange, some don't don't. Whites avoid the strange ones. 3.There is no proof that Blacks are black because they stood around in the sun, naked, all day long. 4.Racism is NORMAL. Again, Whites think Black ACT strange, in their behavior and personalities. Whites don't complain colors. They complain about how Blacks talk, walk, dance, comport, gesticulate. These are all types of BEHAVIOR.
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2021-01-15 10:13:39
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RishiD123RishiD123 (CON)
To end this debate I would like to open the eyes of Pro by saying that Black people do not have some sort of problem with their behaviour. They act in no different manner than any White person. Furthermore, the reason why some Whites thought that Black people deviated from normal behaviour was because of their darker skin color. Thus they were kept separate from White folks because their black skin color was some sort of indication of their inferiority. Lastly Pro's argument comes from a place of hatred for other people who only differ from us in uncontrollable ways and hate is not a reason to justify a claim. Rather hate perpetuates a false narrative that threatens and endangers the lives of many. In conclusion Black people did nothing wrong to be enslaved and after they freed themselves from slavery they were segregated from the rest of society because they were thought to be inferior and white people were not happy about seeing Black people roam free.
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2021-01-16 09:44:28
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David NicholsDavid Nichols
1.There are MANY ways Blacks act differently, such as they dance like they're on drugs. 2.Skin color doesn't make people act strange, genius. 3.Yes, black skin color warned Whites that strange behavior was coming. 4.Whites don't hate Blacks, they dislike them. 5.Hatred of bad behavior is GOOD. God hates it too. 6.Blacks were LUCKY to be enslaved, it got them to civilization.7.Blacks did not free themselves, the stupid government did. 8.Blacks were segregated because Whites don't like being around degeneracy.
Posted 2021-01-19 14:23:47
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