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Private sector jobs are better than government jobs

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KushKush (PRO)

I like to express my gratitude towards Bugsy460 for accepting this debate.


Firstly, let us clarify some definitions. Private sector can be defined as jobs that primarily work for profit. They usually work for individual businessmen. Basically, anything that is non-governmental and corporation is a private sector job. Government jobs, which are pretty self-explanatory, are jobs that work under the guidance of the government.


One of the main reasons that private jobs have always had an upper hand over government jobs has been because of salary. As we all know private worker are paid significantly more than public workers. This is because private corporations produce more profit than the government. The average salary of a lawyer working in a private firm is approximately $120,000annually. On the contrary the salary of a D.A. is $73,000. As we can see, the government pays a pittance to their employees. 

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