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Maths is more important than English

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DebatingAngelDebatingAngel (PRO)
Maths is a lot more important that English. Maths, you do it in every day life. Let's say shopping. You could give the person working at Sainsbury's to much money. You can't just say "Thy is utterly sorry acquaintance but thy needs to have the change," No! You can't do that! You just simply work out how much change you need but if the Sainsbury's person has already worked out the change, you need your mathematic skills to count if the shop volunteer gave you the right change.
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2016-05-26 07:03:31
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Aes SedaiAes Sedai (CON)
The debate's topic is on the point that mathematics as a subject can't be better than English, and as pro, I have to prove that either English is better than maths or English and mathematics are equally important as two different subjects.

English is an universaly accepted language.

Now, if english wouldn't have been there in the world, the world wouldn't actually be a global village as it is now. Maths is not the subject that helps one to survive, but it is English. Yes, it is a point that every country is actually not a english speaking but even if many countries are, the countries that don't speak english will never develop if it doesn't have english as a medium and that's because english is the only universaly accepted language. In the field of science, why do you think there are scientific names of things?(a) And in which language are those names of? Some info, All the scientific names and terms are in english. All countries do not speak english, sure but the scientist and the managers of the country do. So, English is must. Maybe the country is actually not a englsih speaking one but if there is absolutely nobody knowing that language, development in that country is impossible. Think about it, which scientist doesn't know english and has come into international fame? Maths doesn't help one to survive but english in the english speaking countries do and also in the non-english speaking countries as it sustains development. Suppose a country has no one speaking english, so, no one can communicate with the top countries in this world(very practically). No support, No inventions, no economy, low healthcare,education is limited but yeah those people are excellent mathematicians...is that of any use? obviously not.In fact, that country will fail to develop and human's life there will be tough.

English is the medium.

What is necessary to be a scientist, engineer, doctor, politician,( all of these people are required for a country to run and survive)etc...mathematics or english? Suppose a scientist is actually needing mathematics to calculate but what use is it if he can't share it with the world and make use of that formula? Maybe it is that some formulas have made our lives better but many inventions are not related to maths but have used english as a medium to be shared and make the world a better place showing that english is better than maths. Could Socrates?Euclid?(old ones) or Michael Faraday(new one) have ever made the the world a better place if we had no english? NO. English is the medium through which one communicates his thought with the world. An engineer might be able to figure out a problem using maths but what use is it when he can't share the solution to the ones in need as he can't speak the language that they do? English, as I said, is an universally accepted language and is more necessary than any subject.

English is a medium for sharing of great ideas that has helped the human race to survive.

Think about it...The glorius revolution initiated the idea of Democracy, English as a medium spread it to France, America and gradually to all of the world.(b,c) If someone in a tribal group inside some forest has a better form of government, how is he supposed to share it with the outer world? With the help of mathematics? Of course not! and isn't a idea such as that wasted??

Now, as for my opponents arguments.

"In this world, do not enter if you have to SURVIVE but do only if you want to LIVE."

" See, some countries need more English than others but all countries need maths."

I wholeheartedly support the statement that some countries are not english speaking but they need english as much as they need maths. As english is a medium of communication in the world, a universally accepted language. An example is Taiwan and why Taiwan? Lets talk about all the countries in Africa...What was Ghana's or Congo's situation before? and how are they now? and that is only because of external support from developed nations who could communicate with these nations with the language English. Could maths have made these countries what they are now? Of course not which proves that Yes, maybe all countries do need maths as a basic unit but also in the same manner, a country needs english to survive in this age.

"Mathematics is also a subject that is older than English. "

And how does that prove that Mathematics is a better subject than english? Also, could mathematcis have spread without any medium for all of the world to understand it? Of course not.

" We use these kind of reasonings everyday, now, my point is that imagine if we didn't use these reasonings everyday, it would be impossible to live, but, if we didn't have English...?"

If everyone in this world would have got good reasoning and could figure out everything, then this statemant would have been invincible but is it that way? think about it, Can every man reason and figure out every problem he faces and that too using mathematics? If such was the case, then probably we would have not required people like Stephen Hawkings or in a practical sense, people like Airmax or Roylatham to guide us even in this website!! Many people can't reason out anything and need help from others. This help if needs to come out of another country or clan of people, then a universal language is required...english is the choice here. Simple reasonings may not require help but the ones which help us learn,survive and more than survive to live, require english.

"For a final point, mathematics is also a form of entertainment"

And that is how mathematics is better as a subject? Now, do not tell me that all jokes in this world and all the entertainment is mathematics...english is a king as the medium of entertainment. That proves that english is a better than mathematics.

"Now, to conclude with an ending reason, today's society needs mathematics, For us, to have an easy life ahead of us, we need to study mathematics, most jobs require this subject, yes, English is an important subject, but there are non-English speaking places in this world, they go on just fine, but without math, they're not going to get very far. Math is better than English for these reasons. We need math more than English, and we use math more than English."

Today's society needs english as much as it needs mathematics. The managers of the zountry need to have foreign policies...to keep them developed with latest theories as well as keep peace and comaraderie among them. Without english no country will go fine...many jobs require maths as a theorotical subject but english is always required as a practical subject....

As conclusion, I will say that english and mathematics, both are required for human sustainance...both are equally required in today's society...one for day to day tasks while one for making the whole of the world a global village.
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2016-05-27 22:03:29
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Angel is a good writer too.
Posted 2016-05-29 20:03:57
Debating Angel seems smart but almost always loses. Try to get on the side of facts. That really helped me on this side
Posted 2016-05-29 19:57:26
Aes SedaiAes Sedai
Debating Angel please can you post your debate I have fully drafted mine but you need to go first.
Posted 2016-05-25 05:19:23
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