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Is cyberbullying a real problem?

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afroninjaafroninja (CON)
May I ask that you make your next response a bit more seriously please
Cyber bullying is not a real problem because it only applies to first world countries and only incredibly weak minded people commit suicide because of it. Words only hurt if you let them. reasons as to why cyber bullying is not a real problem, these reasons vary from logistics to cost efficiency, psychology of the general public, and society. My argument will be mostly logic based and I may not argue in the order that I have stated, or i may even add topics not stated here. (As there are few sources to prove my case).
First I will argue the logistics of why we should ignore cyber bullying as a problem. It's outrageous that so many teens commit suicide a year, cyber bullying is the third leading cause of suicide among teens, at an estimated 4,400 suicides a year. I don't find it outrageous as in, it's sad that these teens are killing themselves, I find it outrageous that they get so much sympathy, everyone making it out to be some huge problem. We have issues such as poverty, sex slavery, murder, and starvation, and to even spend one minute grieving over someone committing suicide because they are not strong enough to handle the real world, is what I find, disrespectful.
The logic behind cyber bully motivated suicide makes absolutely no sense either. For example, a girl in Texas was being cyber bullied, it went on for mere months and she killed herself. She left a suicide note saying that the bullies should feel sorry. I find that to be a profound level of stupidity. This is not the only case of this, it happens relatively often among these many suicides. Now, let's view this course of action from a logical stand point, say these cyber bullies here about her suicide and feel bad. That leads to one of three things, one, they get very sad about it, maybe even depressed, and regret it. What now? who gets the short end of that stick? The one who is dead or the one who is sad? 2 perhaps they get so depressed, they commit suicide, put bluntly, that just equals more weak minded imbeciles who don't get to reproduce. Finally, the last reaction one may have is, not caring whatsoever. Any reaction to such a scenario means absolutely nothing. Another issue the sensitivity over cyber bullying is the issue of people showing any sadness over it at all. Once again, let us use our spectacles of logic. When someone is getting cyber bullied, and complain, get sad, what are they sad over? Almost all cases of cyber bullying are from people you know, it is mostly fellow teens, so unless you have reasonable belief that you are going to be heavily injured or worse, there is no sense in making such a fuss over such a petty topic.
Cyber bullying is not a real problem, now perhaps I should elaborate upon what a real problem is, a real problem is a problem that is reasonable and understandable, when explained to someone, the given issue is obvious, a real problem is not so simply fixed. A fake problem such as cyber bullying is none of these. As I have clearly stated from a logical stand point cyber bullying makes no sense to complain over cyber bullying. There is so much more to be said so I hope to hear your reply.


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2017-11-05 01:49:49
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MharmanMharman (PRO)
Any person can have all the confidence in the world and still be driven towards suicide by cyberbullying. When all your hear is the you are terrible, you will start start thinking that way.
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2017-11-07 17:24:13
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