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Is Death Penalty right?

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This debate has the craziest configuration of rules ever. 5 rounds, plus CX rounds in between, with one month to post means this debate could potentially go for 14 months. Each round is only 8000 characters and the automatic loss for a forfeit is turned off, despite there being a rule against forfeiting. It's using the weird DDO judging system and after all of this, it's an unrated debate.

Good luck!
Posted 2018-04-20 18:43:32
The judging period on this debate is over

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There are no judgements yet on this debate.

Rules of the debate

  • Text debate
  • Individual debate
  • 5 rounds
  • 8000 characters per round
  • Reply speeches
  • Uses cross-examination
  • DDO Opt-in Standard (notes)
  • Forfeiting rounds does not mean forfeiting the debate
  • Images allowed
  • HTML formatting allowed
  • Unrated debate
  • Time to post: 1 month
  • Time to vote: 3 months
  • Time to prepare: None
  • Time for cross-examination: 1 week
Be serious and don't forfeit.