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Do restrictions like rules discourage creativity?

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stretcostretco (PRO)
I believe restrictions discourage creativity because rules limit your thinking. The less rules the more you can think like a word limit, or grammar. More importantly though, in school a student knows that there is one right answer and if you are patient you will be told what it is. In that situation, why would you spend any time thinking about alternative solutions? This is why I believe schools produce people who have very little creativity at the end. In fact the ones who are the most creative often have the most trouble in school. 

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2016-05-31 18:53:02
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Priest of SwagPriest of Swag (CON)
Thanks Stretco for allowing me to accept your debate.

While it is true that rules make it harder to be creative, they actually encourage more creativity in the long run. Yes, I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but there is a very subtle distinction. 

Most of the time, creativity is judged by the end product, but there is also a degree of  creativity that goes into the actual processes that produce the end product. 

There is a saying of sorts, that goes somewhat like this...

Give a person a challenge and no instructions on how to overcome it, and you will be surprised at the creative ways in which they will accomplish their task

The affirmative position frames his argument in a way that implies rules are sort of like challenging obstacles to creativity. The truth of the matter is that the most challenging obstacles produce the most creative solutions.

In the words of General Hannibal Barca, "If there isn't a path, then I will make one"

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2016-05-31 19:14:21
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Long story, but I turned into Stag Mark V, and the testing account "Priest of Swag" turned into me, the person you were debating originally.

If you want to finish this debate, we can. We can just copy and paste our arguments into round one, and recreate the debate using the same rules.
Posted 2016-06-01 00:17:54
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