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Comedy Debate

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gavstone21gavstone21 (PRO)
I have no clue what this debate is about. It appears to be a joke battle. For who is the funniest, so...

 Image result for funny memesImage result for funny memesImage result for funny memesImage result for funny memesImage result for funny memesImage result for funny memesImage result for funny memesImage result for funny memes

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2016-06-29 04:16:22
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DHS15608: Cross-Examination Forfeited
gavstone21: Ummm..
gavstone21: Those memes are pretty funny
DHS15608: Cross-Examination Unforfeited
DHS15608: Wow, finally, thanks admin for fixing this.
DHS15608: I didn't think it was possible to forfeit a debate and still be in it when the rules say, "Forfeiting rounds means forfeiting the debate".
DHS15608: But then again, It says forfeiting rounds(with an s), so it takes more than one forfeited round to forfeit the entire debate.
DHS15608: So, remember that next time, even if the rules say, "Forfeiting rounds means forfeiting the debate", it is okay to forfeit once, but not twice.
DHS15608: gavstone, Lets make this the largest cross exam ever.
DHS15608: It works, I didn't think it would.
DHS15608: Remember, April Fools is on April 2nd not April 1st, it was an April fools trick ever since April fools has been invented.
DHS15608: Another thing, the Mayan calendar ends in 5105, not 2012. So we have many millenniums to go.
DHS15608: And to say that blacks can't get ahead in the U.S. like whites, that's nonsense.
DHS15608: They chose him over a white.
DHS15608: I think the people who chose were racist.
DHS15608: I don't think America wants a white president anymore, the next one will be the first orange president.
DHS15608: Unfortunately, he will not be a good one, at least if your objective is destroying ISIS.
DHS15608: I am terrible at racist jokes, but the most effective one is very easy.
DHS15608: Say "Donald Trump" to a Mexican and that would offend them more than any other racist joke.

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If you read this debate, you will notice that I forfeited but didn't lose, then my opponent forfeits and loses. I guess the debate found me more amusing, so it let me go.
Posted 2016-07-04 20:10:37
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Rules of the debate

  • Text debate
  • Individual debate
  • 5 rounds
  • 2000 characters per round
  • No reply speeches
  • Uses cross-examination
  • Community Judging Standard (notes)
  • Forfeiting rounds means forfeiting the debate
  • Images allowed
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  • Time to post: 3 days
  • Time to vote: 2 weeks
  • Time to prepare: None
  • Time for cross-examination: 2 days