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Capitalism Produces Better Results for More People than does Socialism

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tKerrtKerr (PRO)

Has any attempt at socialism ever become more than that, an attempt? Meanwhile, capitalism has proven to produce better results for more people than socialism does on many occasions. Capitalism always allows for and encourages necessary and healthy competition. We as a society need healthy competition, or why would we bother getting better at anything? Capitalism breeds more successful, ambitious and driven people. While people in a socialist society do not need to fight for their place in business or society and are raised in a way that encourages economic equality and essentially rewards mediocracy, those living in a capitalist society are rewarded based on merit, are living to succeed, living to better themselves and their lives. Socialism may appear to produce better results for the greater good in theory, but in reality, would actually care little for the needs and wants of individuals, as long as the overall group's needs are being met in the attempt to create a socialist utopia. Capitalism allows for the freedom of life and freedom to live within the parameters set out by your religion if you so choose. Often times, the more government intervention a country or society sees, the higher the corruption, oppressiveness and instability are. For example, see South Sudan. In conclusion, a rising tide does lift all boats and that is entirely possible with capitalism.







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2017-05-10 16:31:08
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hwolsthwolst (CON)

Socialism creates an environment that is both equal and healthy. It takes excess away from those who don’t need it and equally distributes it to those who require it. In order to adequately judge socialism, one can look to the countries that have integrated socialist ideas into their economy and government. Such countries, like Norway, Denmark, and Iceland, all score very low in the Corruption Perception Index, even though they have more governmental interference. These countries also are considered the happiest. It also is worthy to add that these countries, according to the OECD, have less poverty than capitalist countries.  Likewise, Canada serves as an example of socialism, as we have many socialist components like health care, welfare and unions. Socialism also helps remove the problem of class division that capitalism has created. After removing these barriers, individuals are truly free to start their businesses and pursue it without the restrictions that the division of classes entails. Socialism creates a true democracy, unlike the illusion of a democratic, just society which capitalism supposedly creates. Capitalist interests are greatly reflected in the governmental policies, and, in reality have more control over policies than the average voting business owner does. It is because of the great influence that corporations have on our government that we need lobbying groups.

Do you stop yourself from donating to a charity because “hey it’s a healthy competition and those on the receiving end of the charity should just embrace the beautiful, fair system of capitalism”? Capitalism is in no way a fair competition as some have lost before they have even started. Sure, competition is economically beneficial, but is it healthy when the competition is for mere survival?

One cannot solely judge capitalism by looking at the western countries that have thrived off it, as we are leaving out the real victims who suffer under capitalism. Capitalism may seem like a healthy and competitive ideology from the privilege of a western society, but we completely ignore the individuals who work behind the scenes and actually produce the products for our overconsumption. Capitalism relies on poverty.

Capitalism in theory may seem wonderful as it does preach giving power back to the people and individual businesses, with less governmental interference. Nevertheless, as we can see from capitalist countries, it does not truly give power to all, just the select. 

In conclusion capitalism does not produce better results than socialism. 


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2017-05-12 00:15:28
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Despite there being an argument to your opinion, I would have to agree with you. I think that the other side to this debate will have a very hard time proving that socialism produces better results than capitalism especially when any significant example of the use of socialism ended in shambles, for example the Soviet Union. In contrast to this we experience the effects of a capitalist society every day and therefore are able to comprehend how well it actually works. It just takes one look at history to see that capitalist societies have survived and prospered over socialist ones.
Posted 2017-05-12 14:54:35
Since there isn't a second opinion yet, I would say that I am in agreement with you. You mentioned how socialism appears to produce better results for the greater good, but one needs only to look at the Soviet Union to recognize that a socialistic society was a failure. While people had jobs for life, there was little motivation to better one's self through education or effort because you could attain the same results without these things. It made it difficult for these individuals to compete in a a capitalistic society. When the wall came down the east Germans didn't know how to function in a competitive western society where hard work and education are rewarded financially.
Posted 2017-05-11 02:17:18
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