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AGRESSION is the right way to tackle TERRORISM .


Cross-Examination In Progress

The chair calls upon all sides to engage in cross-examination

Time remaining for cross-examination: 2017-04-26 19:28:58

The Debate So Far

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@TheFuror Juror Hey - great opening round. So if you don't know how cross-examination works, it's basically a time between rounds where we can ask each other questions. It's the American way of doing it - the BP equivalent would be points of information. I've put up one just now, so feel free to respond to it when you get a chance. :)
Posted 2017-04-27 06:16:30
When we're both ready ... I have another couple of days to accept.
Posted 2017-04-18 20:38:30
TheFuror JurorTheFuror Juror
So when will this debate start?
Posted 2017-04-18 16:38:34
TheFuror JurorTheFuror Juror
Extremely sorry .You see I am new here and unknowingly all this happened
Posted 2017-04-18 16:35:01
You sent me this challenge twice haha.

I might possibly accept one of them ... once I have my assignment done ...
Posted 2017-04-18 12:51:09

Rules of the debate

  • Video debate
  • Individual debate
  • 2 rounds
  • 6 minutes per round
  • Reply speeches
  • Uses cross-examination
  • Permissive Judging Standard (notes)
  • Forfeiting rounds means forfeiting the debate
  • Rated debate
  • Time to post: 3 days
  • Time to vote: 2 weeks
  • Time to prepare: None