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Phos HalasadminThis house believes college safe spaces are absurd
adminAcerThat we should we ban nuclear energy
crossedadminThere are good reasons to believe in Christianity
adminthe_viperThat development assistance should be prioritized over military aid in the Sahel region of Africa
Elijah WingadminThat the use of drones in warfare should be condemned
Paul V.adminThat what the Bible says are true.
msdelincecadminShould the Dominican Republic implement death penalty as the maximum consequence?
SHINJadminTHW allow Erasing memories
adminAnonymousThat abortion is morally permissible
EkainatoradminThat Scientology should be recognized as a religion
Kilk1adminDid Jesus rise from the dead?
laylaaadminThis house would bring in "fat tax"
adminTheFuror JurorAGRESSION is the right way to tackle TERRORISM .
Debate KINGadminResolved: Science leaves no room for free will.
t_raoadminTHW provide free post-secondary education for all students in Canada.
boris7698adminUnregulated Capitalism is a moral system, and is perfect as it is
Colester1121adminThe United States should end Plan Columbia
VISHAL SHARMAadminThat religion should be taught in schools
Bi0HazardFamousdebateradmincooldudebroThat voting third party is worth it in the 2016 U.S. presidential election
Mudasir FarooqadminIslam is a religion of peace
adminThat student loans should be interest-free
admincooldudebroThat we should pay all elected politicians the median wage in their country
gavstone21adminThe state should be abolished
Bi0HazardadminHuman life should be driven by utility
HarrytrumanadminJesus was not the messiah
fire_wingsadminThat children should not be allowed out alone at nightn
KohaiadminThat we should embrace genetic modification technology
KohaiadminThat voting ought to be compulsory
adminCrowThat time spent studying the oceans is better spent elsewhere
cooldudebroWeb Study EduBifurcationsadmindogs are better than cats
Bi0HazardadminThat marijuana should be legal
NathanAllenadminBorn gay
CalebHaraadminCultural appropriation is not a negative thing
adminPriest of SwagThat the number of subforums on edeb8 should be reduced
ShiftFMFadminThat some vaccinations should be mandatory
adminDebatingAngelšŸ˜ƒThat the public should be allowed to pardon whistleblowers by referendum
Pankaj SinghadminThat governments should pump money into banks during recession
adminBifurcationsThat the Rise of "Hook-up" culture is regrettable.
BifurcationsadminThat we should require defendants in criminal trials to be represented exclusively by public defenders
condeelmasteradminThat the police should carry weapons while on regular duty
darth_timonadminThat workplaces are generally better off with uniforms
Lars' FatheradminThat student loans should be interest-free
Anthony TaiadminThat the forced militarization of civilian naval vessels is legitimate in times of war
adminStickThat we should federalise Europe
Golfer15adminThat we should compel victims of rape to testify in court
adminJacob JeakingsThat we should accept all refugees
RXR.adminAbortion is immoral
adminzschmollThe existence of evil in the world makes it unlikely that the Christian God exists
hellodekatadminThat all forms of education should be free
adminColeTrainResolved: Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical decisions.
christofelhadminThat there should be a cap on bonuses
RXR.adminTime Traveling should be illegal.
Mike HatcheradminThat Scientology should be recognized as a religion
genesis01adminThat popular entertainers should not engage in political campaigns
adminBlackflagVideo Debate: Political Ideologies
adminTejreticsTHW abolish the death penalty in the United States
adminKrazyThe death penalty should be banned
adminnzlockieThe NZDF should be scrapped.
adminMuathasimThat religion should be taught in schools
adminRonnie RogersThat the depiction of protagonists in children's books and media as aesthetically superior is regrettable
adminTejreticsResolved: Just governments ought to ensure food security for their citizens.
adminBlackflagThat the New Zealand Defence Force should be scrapped
adminKrazyAbortion should be legal in all instances
Asel HelithaadminThat we should pay additional benefits to families on welfare according to their child's performance in school
BlackflagadminThat there are five or six discreet racial classifications
whiteflameadminThat some vaccinations should be mandatory
BlackflagadminSlander should not be against the law
KrazyadminThe Bible is the inerrant Word of God
The Iron MinisteradminWorld Government.
adminTejreticsResolved: God Exists
admin18KarlThat the Christian God exists
BlackflagadminThe US government should give OPIC quarterly stipends
RomaniiadminThat torture should never be used by the government
nzlockieadminThe international community should recognize the Shia Houthis government in Northern Yemen
mayacarlin0adminThat women should be allowed into front-line combat roles
Dassault PapillonadminThat conservatism is incompatible with socialism, and liberalism is incompatible with capitalism
ZeusYodaadminThat minors should not require parental consent to obtain an abortion
admingree0232That pacifism would have been the best response of nations to the policies of Hitler
ZeusYodaadminThat minors should not require parental consent to obtain an abortion
admine4c5The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is net beneficial to modern society
Legion of Christ DogsThat incestual marriage should be legalized
S.H.adminThat the United Nations should have a standing military force
BlackflagadminThat health insurance companies should cover sexual therapy for those who exhibit symptoms of non-consumation, pre-mature ejaculation, and ED
Darth VitiosusadminThis house supports #Gamergate
BlackflagJoepbrnzlockieadminThat nationalism has a damaging impact on society
Official Blue TeamProgressivesComments on Judge Decisions should be implemented
adminBlackflagThe United States of America should fund Khawarji madrasa's throughout the Islamic world
adminVegitoAffirmative Action Based On Race is the Best Possible System for Achieving Equality, Fairness, and Diversity at Universities
9spacekingadminBlackflagkanoush Internet Anonymity: Good, Bad or Necessary?
9spacekingadminThere Should Not be Unlimited Characters in a Ranked Debate
PinkieadminGMO Salmon should be approved in the USA.
adminPriest of Swagtest debate
BlackflagadminHezbollah is more powerful than the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
birdlandmemoriesadminI trolled the taco so I wouldn't have to face the evil burrito
TophatdocadminThat history is worth studying
zschmolladminThat the internet has a damaging impact on society
adminPriest of SwagThat endangered species should be allowed to die
adminPriest of SwagTEST DEBATE
zschmolladminThat the internet has a damaging impact on society
adminnzlockieThat children should not be allowed out alone at night
Priest of SwagadminThat we should introduce a tax on financial transactions
Priest of SwagadminEde8 should have an economics forum
TakbearsProgressivesPakastani Occupation of Jammu and Kashmir is Justifiable
adminTophatdocSlavery was responsible for the downfall of the Roman republic
Master DebatoradminThat the rise of a 'hookup culture' is regrettable
ADreamOfLibertyadminThat children should be allowed to work
adminZosime StormThat preventing climate change is futile
SteveHawkinsadminThat schools should not make any special allowances for any religion
annie1996adminThat judges should be elected
adminalexmiller887That India should adopt aggressive free market policies
adminNerd PoliticoResolved: Placing political conditions on humanitarian aid to foreign countries is unjust.
TheCPadminThat there should be no restrictions on political campaign funding
JV-StalinadminThere Probably is no Afterlife
adminFinalSolution.Is the Christian God real?
adminnzlockieNZ should adopt a new flag.
adminnzlockieEDEB8 is superior to debate.org
De@thadminThat smoking should be criminalised
De@thadminThat smoking should be criminalised
adminnzlockie"God" does not exist
adminUnintentional CoachThat the internet has a damaging impact on society
admincdw.scoutThat banning books is justifiable
adminBigAl95A government ought to cover the cost of college tuition fees for its citizens
Ore_EleadminNuclear Energy
adminBigAl95A government ought to cover the cost of college tuition fees for its citizens.
adminSteveHThat the government should provide free internet
cowboy0108adminPeople watch TV for psychological reasons as opposed to simple laziness.