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cooldudebroWeb Study EduBifurcationsadmindogs are better than cats
BifurcationsAman VijayThat we should launch a ground invasion to fight the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq
BifurcationsWeb Study EduThat states should not prevent any peaceful protest in public
True Capitalist AcolyteBifurcationsThat online degrees have less merit than degrees earned offline
BifurcationsMuzammil SyedThat freedom of speech must include freedom to offend
cooldudebroBifurcationsGay Marriage Ought To Be Illegal
Muhammad SunnyBifurcationsThat central banks should be abolished
qsarabas5Bifurcationsthat political parties must ensure fulfillment of their pre-election manifesto as binding promises,otherwise fresh election should be held
Radhika KalraBifurcationsbjp
BifurcationscondeelmasterThat homeschooling as a form of alternative education should be abolished
BifurcationscooldudebroWe Should Accept Syrian Refugees
adminBifurcationsThat the Rise of "Hook-up" culture is regrettable.
Briannj21BifurcationsSchools should Continue to Teach Music in Public Schools
JurisprudenceBifurcationsThat only women should be allowed to vote
BifurcationsIncorrigiblePerspectiveThat prisoners should be allowed to choose death over a life sentence
BifurcationsadminThat we should require defendants in criminal trials to be represented exclusively by public defenders
lannan13BifurcationsThat railways should be nationally owned and operated
Miy719BifurcationsShould Students be able to bring their cellular devices to school?
Tannishk SharmaBifurcationsThat diplomatic immunity laws should be repealed
StickBifurcationsThat we should regret the strong promotion of people declaring their sexual orientation
cammy21639BifurcationsShould the UK leave the EU?
BifurcationscondeelmasterThat we should support academic tracking in primary and secondary education
JD BaringBifurcationsThat the Czech Republic should become an atheist state
BifurcationsRoseThat we should give more votes to citizens according to their performance on a current affairs test
BifurcationsRoseThat we should not allow unvaccinated children to attend public schools
RoseBifurcationsThat we should ban international aid charities from using graphic images of suffering