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NameRodrigo GenderMale Male
DOB 1998-09-13 OccupationStudent
Country Uruguay City(hidden)
High SchoolunspecifiedUniversityunspecified
Teams(no team)Coachlannan13
NameRodrigo GenderMale Male
DOB 1998-09-13 OccupationStudent
Country Uruguay City(hidden)
High SchoolunspecifiedUniversityunspecified
Teams(no team)Coachlannan13
Debate Ranking#70
Elo Score1535
Win Ratio37%
Judgment Ranking#1
Average Judge Score100%
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Joined: Jan 2016
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2017-11-12 10:20:05


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Atheists White PrideReaders' Group

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None hahaha Debate groups and that stuff are quite odd in my country

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Top Inventions
2016-03-05 06:26:38
Interesting. Maybe I would choose some none material inventions, like science.
2016-03-05 06:23:53
Hi, welcome to the site!!
Preemptive strikes and nukes
2016-03-05 06:23:32
In an ideal world, the abolishment of nuclear wars (and any kind of wars actually) would be great. But that won't happen.

However, the first strike strategy, which targets the opponent's arsenal,...
Least favorite music
2016-03-03 01:54:09
Reggaeton!! I hate it hahah
The "Licentiate" vicepresident scandal
2016-02-27 01:58:59
Maybe is not that popular internationally, but here in America it is. The vicepresident of my country, Uruguay, always presented himself as a Licentiate in Human Genetics, graduated with honours from...
Is Martial Law considered a tyrannical rule?
2016-02-27 01:49:44
Martial Law puts even more power in the hands of the government. I can understand it, although I don't agree with it, in war times. But then, it's just a way of tyranny.
2016-02-25 11:31:35
No, I'm just saying they were facts more than twenty years ago. Reality changes. Even more in this kinds of issues. Those studies are outdated.
2016-02-25 09:19:15
Ok, when you start using actual information instead of papers from more than 20 years ago we could discuss. However,having more possibillity of getting a disease doesn't make you evil, or deserving of...
2016-02-25 07:34:52
How does being a homosexual make someone more able to develop the world?

I said that many homosexuals contributed to the progress of humanity, so if we had executed them all, we wouldn't be so progressed....
Cost arguments
2016-02-25 01:55:47
I think it is significant. Here we talk about real things, and economy is part of the real world. If we ignore economy, we are ignoring part of the reality. We s shouldn't discuss just the economic aspect,...
2016-02-25 01:45:56
. Whether or not an invention is made by a vile person has no relevance on the effectiveness of the technology.

The contradiction is not the vileness of those people but the fact you hate them. And...
2016-02-24 12:30:56
f Thomas Edison was a murderer, would you refuse to use the light bulb, solely because he was a killer?I

I wouldn't refuse to use the light bulb, but I don't hate murderers either.
In your case,...
2016-02-24 01:43:18
How can a person hate homosexuals but still enjoy what they produce and invent? isn't that a big contradiction? Shouldn't gay haters just use what only heterosexuals produced and invented?
Legal Polygamy?
2016-02-23 01:09:07
I had a debate about this here! (http://www.edeb8.com/debate/secret-topic-190/)
Gene Editing in Humans
2016-02-22 01:49:07
Yes, I guess it could become a comercial thing. However, if we have an equality-pro approach, it would be an interesting solution to some human problems.
Is there an afterlife?
2016-02-22 01:46:42
I don't think so. In my opinion, the afterlife is a man invention to give life a sense it doesn't have. Afterlife make people care more about what they do in the actual life. However, it shows the selfish...
Gene Editing in Humans
2016-02-21 03:20:52
would be *
Gene Editing in Humans
2016-02-21 03:20:23
But, why would it be bad to have superhumans? In my opinion, that wouldn't be rather amazing.
Operation: Revive the forums
2016-02-20 04:27:45
Sounds interesting!
New Members Thread: Welcome to EDEB8.com!
2016-01-27 10:21:39
Hi! I joined this page like a week ago, but I just discovered the forum section hahaha

My name is Rodrigo. I'm an engineering student. Hope to have some good debates here !! Cheers!

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That terrorism is justifiable
That we should censor the depiction of smoking in movies
That reality television should be banned
That free trade does more harm than good
That sport leagues should not suspend players for off-field behaviour
That we should require a university degree to be eligible to run for public office
That prostitution should be legal
That voting should be compulsory
That we should ban hunting competitions
That we should repatriate all illegal immigrants
That education should be compulsory in the third world
That the church and state should not be separated
That all tax records should be public information
That Islam is a religion of violence
That pets do more good than harm
That we should allow individuals to use violent force to defend their homes, even where they do not fear for personal safety
That children should be allowed to work
That adults should receive a single, tradeable permit from the state to have a child
That we should censor violent video games
That the Papacy is an outdated institution
That fast food companies should not be allowed to sell toys with their meals
That governments have an obligation to provide housing for their people
That we should ban international aid charities from using graphic images of suffering
That we should ban the publication of software which is specifically designed to enable access to the darknet
That dental insurance isn't worth it
That extremist political parties should be banned
That school prayer should be prohibited
That religion is a waste of time
That women should not serve in military combat roles
That we should create a global market for citizenship, such that individuals can sell their existing citizenship and buy a new one
That for states, isolationism is the way to go
That police should exercise tolerance when working with cases involving BDSM culture
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