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Drug policy

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By Bi0Hazard | Dec 1 2016 10:07 AM
ColeTrain: What? It's ridiculous to assert the reason people choose drugs is because of the law.
My point was that people won't inevitably choose to use drugs if they were allowed to by the law.
There are definitely some people who don't use the drug BECAUSE of criminalization and illegality in place.
And they could choose not to without criminalization.
Your point is only valid insofar as legality isn't harmful, which in the case of drugs, it is.
No, drugs are harmful, not legalization. The war on drugs is harmful to people.
Decriminalization won't be any better, in fact, it would lead to an increase in drug usage.
Not necessarily. Yes, it would be better as criminalization makes it worse. Largely because of the "tough" penalties approach.
This point is also untrue. People oppose things because they are bad.
People oppose things for many reasons. "Bad" can be disagreeable.
When they become legal, more and more people take up the practice.
No, people choose to use drugs, the law doesn't choose for them.
To say that more and more would choose to use drugs if the law stopped prohibiting it is assuming people will inevitably choose to use drugs without a law set to prohibit it. This ignores the fact that people can choose to not use drugs based on their conditions and that societal problems are the major problems behind it.
"Helping them" will have no authoritative backing, and will render itself useless.
You can certainly help people with drug problems and attempt to restore them back to a more normal life. Detaining people and throwing them in prison for 5 years isn't going to help them return to a more stable life.
What @admin proposes seems to be pretty reasonable, mandatory rehab as a model for the justice system instead of incarceration.
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