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Is god real?

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By Lebowski | Mar 1 2019 5:36 PM
I was wondering is there really a god out there.
By KickTheCan | Mar 16 2019 12:32 PM
Who knows? Judging by the number of orgainsed religions over the centuries in various countries, seemingly there exists a belief that there is. Perhaps Man feels an intangible presence that connects to something outside of our material world. Goodness knows at what point in our evolutionary history we took a spiritual path into something outside of ourselves, but it would seem that we had an idea of good and evil, right and wrong, and seemingly wanted to justify and box that into a construct, or it could have been for Man a period of some kind of enlightenment that felt real in the sense of a new experience not of our earthly state. Anyway, in our more recent religious history, around the time BC and AD, there was a need to contract societal laws and it was religion Man turned to in order to enable some form of constructive living. And we had Bibles, Koran, Tora etc. Various books that laid down the Word of God in it's various forms which enforced the idea of punishments if we dared to challenge any existence of a God. And so we remain it would seem in that place today along with all the rituals and superstitions that Man created to worship through various religious constructs. If there is a God out there, I would expect it is nothing like we imagine but there is nothing better than blaming a God for things that go wrong when it is ourselves that create our own malaise and problems. Take God out of that mix and that leaves us hanging in the winds of having to take personal responsibilities for various and how awful would that be?
By JKing | Mar 20 2019 12:38 PM
Yes, there is a God. Years ago, I went through a period of research, because I didn't believe that everything happened by accident. But, on the other hand, if God did exist, he would deserve more than just casual acknowledgement. If I was going to invest that kind of time/energy, I wanted to KNOW that it was real. I agree with KickTheCan on the natural desire to "worship", and the desire to acknowledge something outside one's self. Where I disagree, (I'm sure there is more, but to focus on the comment above) is that a "lack of God" encourages accountability. If we are only blind chance, why would accountability matter? IF there is a God, that WOULD hold us accountable. I would love to debate this topic at some point soon.