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Dreamweaver seem like a waste of money

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By connor | Jul 16 2014 10:01 AM
It's great for newbies, but also teaches bad habits. Most people are going to design with tables and such in design view without really knowing how to work responsive design, etc. But the main problem with it, is that is costs so much money... Seriously, Microsoft Visually Studios is free and has almost everything and more that Dreamweaver has... Dreamweaver is good for app making, and getting the job done I suppose, but I wish more people knew about the "just as cool" free options. Also, for those interested in app building, I would suggest Aperry.io. The yhave a cool drag and drop interface, though the cloud-based program influences coding with HTML5 and javascript, and makes the data connection parts simple. They let you design up to 3 pages for free, and 35$ a month for unlimited pages.

Between that and VS, I think dreamweaver is a waste of money and an adobe scam!
By admin | Jul 16 2014 10:56 AM
connor: Hey, nice to see you around again.

Yip, dreamweaver sucks. I have it but almost never use it. VS is a bit too bloated for my everyday needs, but I use it whenever I'm working with Microsoft stuff.

For beginners, the best free tool remains Trellian Webpage (although it also has dreamweaver levels of code quality, at least you don't have to pay) and the best paid tool is WYSIWYG Web Builder (which is usually pretty good with the code it makes). Personally I only work with code directly though - my tool of choice is CodeLobster PHP Edition, which is free and pretty powerful (there's a couple of paid extensions for code completion with Wordpress, JQuery etc that are quite reasonably priced too). I also use my own custom variant of the Ace Editor to edit sites through the web browser, which I find improves my productivity slightly.
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