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That the United States should recognize Spanish as an official language

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I am happy to debate this important issue in American politics with opposition advocate Romanii.

An official language is a language which is recognized by a national government. A government which recognizes an official language is promising to write government documents for speakers of that language, and provide accommodations to all speakers of that language for government programs. The United States has no official language, although many individual states recognize English as an official language. Despite the United States not having an official language of its own, the de-facto language of choice is English, which is the language in which all government documents are written and all government offices use as a primary language. I will be making the case that the United States should recognize Spanish as an official language, along with English.

I will expand on the following points throughout the course of the debate
  • Recognizing Spanish as an official language will create jobs
  • Recognizing Spanish as an official language will create transparency in government
  • Recognizing Spanish as an official language will restore trust in the government

I look forward to Romanii's opening speech. Godspeed!

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2015-04-23 14:42:54
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4 hours 30 mins - but why can't you see the time you have left? Weird.
Posted 2015-04-23 12:10:06
I cannot see how much time left I have on this computer. Someone please post the time left here asap
Posted 2015-04-23 10:20:13
Unfortunately we actually agree with the positions we are taking. Oh well...
Posted 2015-04-17 07:56:59
At least this time I can think of a good case for my side of the resolution lol
Posted 2015-04-16 16:45:16
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