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That teachers should choose not to set homework

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fire_wingsfire_wings (PRO)
I thank my opponent for doing this debate with me, and I will make my arguments in this round, and also post the definitions of the debate. There is no character limit in the debate, so I will be writing quite a lot.


Teachers: a person who teaches, especially in a school [1].

Choose: to decide that a particular person or thing is the one that you want [2].

Set: to make [3].

Homework: work that a student is given to do at home [4]. 


My case will be about why homework is useless, and why teachers shouldn't make, or give out homework to the students from my arguments, and say that many children don't even do the homework, and homework loses its purpose, and there is no need to do homework, as there is no purpose for homework. My case will therefore be centered around Util. Util is basically doing the thing that causes more happiness, so for example if homework is useless, and more children think that homework should be banned because of reasons 1), 2), and 3), then we ban homework. Happiness is good, so that is why we compare it by happiness. That is the basic means of Util, and now I will be headed onto my arguments.

Argument 1: Homework is useless

My first argument is that homework is useless for students. There is *no* evidence that homework is beneficial for students. Actually, there is evidence that the less time spending time on homework, the better your grades are [5]. This shows that there is nothing good for homework, only bad things, so from the framework, you can vote for Pro. There are some other evidence also. Adam Maltese and his colleagues said from a study about homework, "“no substantive difference in grades between students who complete homework and those who do not [6]" This shows that there is no need to do homework, as there are no beneficial reasons for it. Therefore there is no reason to vote Con, but reason to vote for Pro. This is all I will say in this argument, and if my opponent wants me to say anymore, then he can challenge me to say it, and I will provide more evidence to say about this contention/argument. Now I will move onto my next argument will be about the parents

Argument 2: Burden of Parents

My next argument will be about parents, and their burden because of the kids homework. Parents go to work, and when they come, they need to do their student's homework. It takes lots of stress for them to do their student's homework after their work. To not give parents burdens to do their student's homework, we should ban homework, and teachers should not set homework.


I have showed strong arguments that children and parents oppose homework. Teachers will have no need to set homework then, because it is useless, and tired for them. As in Util, my framework, the harms of homework are greater then the benefits, and banning homework will make more happy, therefore we should ban homework, and not let teachers set homework in schools. The resolution is affirmed, and therefore vote for PRO.


[1] http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/teacher

[2] http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/choose

[3] http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/set

[4] http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/homework

[5] http://research.indiana.edu/2013/01/when-is-homework-worth-the-time/

[6] Adam V. Maltese, Robert H. Tai, and Xitao Fan, “When Is Homework Worth the Time? Evaluating the Association Between Homework and Achievement in High School Science and Math,” The High School Journal, October/November 2012: 52-72.

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2016-08-25 05:41:19
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