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That couples should be able to enter contracts which make any future infidelity a crime

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Debatemaster101Debatemaster101 (PRO)
Couples should be able to enter contracts where any infidelity is a crime because this means the partner will always be loyal to the other. If you cheat it is unfaithful and you shouldn't be trusted.  Also if you don't agree then you don't have to do this or if you feel like your gonna cheat break up or divorce your, partner. Cheating is a bad thing and shouldn't be allowed because it hurts people and at least %15 of people commit suicide because their partner cheated on them. If you don't care if you hurt them you clearly are toxic and/or don't like the person. This is also a good idea if in the past a partner has cheated on you and wanted to get back together after you broke up but you can't fully trust them so you can do this. If they don't want to do it because they know their gonna cheat then you probably shouldn't get back together. 
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2020-11-20 04:13:37
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