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only women should be allowed to vote

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3 points
CalebfizzelCalebfizzel (PRO)
there was a time when only men were able to vote. and women hated that. now is a time of equal opportunity where everyone has a shot at everything and all the laws affect men just as much as women. but to really take a deeper look into this debate i believe that we should look at our history of voting on an article titled the history of voting rights act it speaks of a civil rights law that states that no one should be denied voting rights from race or color it does not mention anything about women or men but as we well now there was a time in history when only men were allowed to vote this was not accepted by women as this was sex segregation women fought for years just to get a jobs and eventually they were given the right to vote after years of protesting  they got there way our society is becoming true to its word when we all get rights were all free everyone should be treated as equal and that's just on a moral standpoint. 
think about the chaos this could start men would be outraged and obviously men would start to protest as well there would be chaos and millions of people would be outraged by the idea not even just men if ONLY women were aloud to vote what about our gender neutral people?  and would this apply to men who identify as women? what about gender fluid people?  (people who somedays are men and somedays are women) when we were kids "boys drool and girls rule" vise versa  this was a saying that was often said but when you think about it its kinda a crappy statement but often follows through our adulthood when we think of things such as only women should vote because.. girls rule boys drool.. understand?  well even if you dont our 15th amendment to our constitution of the united states declares that we can not be denied the right to vote based on sex (yeah i just found that) so there is no constitutional way to make this happen all men and women should and will always have the right to vote

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2018-04-23 20:53:49
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Penrose stairsPenrose stairs
But you are pro?
Posted 2018-05-06 03:13:04
johnathan poddjohnathan podd
No, America is good right now. If we make it so women can vote only, it’s no different from when women couldn’t vote. By the way I don’t think people should be called victims by their sex or skin. We are all equal. For example you shouldn’t view a women as a “ poor women who is a kfc worker”. You should view it like this “ that’s a kfc worker who so happens to be a women” your values should come first not your gender or color. So fuck that femenism bullshit, not all men are rapists, not all women are sluts, not all whites are racists, not all blacks are not murderes. We are all equal, and we should be punished for our values, not forgiven by our skin color.
Posted 2018-05-05 09:09:35
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2018-07-17 14:37:48
Sriram polisettyJudge: Sriram polisetty
Win awarded to: Calebfizzel
Definitely, a good way of thinking.Differentiation is pointed out correctly.
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2018-07-19 19:34:05
nzlockieJudge: nzlockie    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: Calebfizzel
2018-07-21 04:32:15
taiesiya55Judge: taiesiya55
Win awarded to: Calebfizzel
2018-07-27 02:58:04
DevonJudge: Devon
Win awarded to: Penrose stairs
There may have been a time when only men were allowed to vote but that would make you just as bad as us "shitty men" and I am all for equality and I feel like we shouldn't forget the past but forgive our ancestors for being sexist but our past is in the past and we can't change that. Honestly, if I could change the past and make it better for everybody I would but that cant happen. Why hold onto the past when as a society it is holding us back too. We need to be one with the future!
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