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There are only 2 genders

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AthenaAthena (PRO)
I don't think there's a problem with labelling yourself as some non-binary gender because people can do what their want with expressing themselves. These are all just reason why I don't believe in many genders.

Before I start, I want to clear one thing: I don't think sex and gender are two different things. I think there are multiple ways to express your gender, but not multiple genders.

Though I don't belive in many genders, I do believe that (for the lack off a better word) transgenderism is real, but it's a disorder. I'm not using that word to diminish transgender people and I'm not stating it's an illness that should be cured. 

I think that we are all either male or female, but the way you express yourself or your gender can be deemed to be more like the opposite gender or neutral. Being more feminine, masculine, both or neither of them doesn't isn't a new gender. It's just the way you express yourself.

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2018-11-07 20:49:59
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