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The Black Death was caused by volcanoes and not by germs

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AtkhenatenAtkhenaten (PRO)
1. There is only one disease. There are not thousands of different diseases as you have been taught. There are not 3 different types of Black Death (bubonic plague). The only disease that exists is called 'vitamin deficiency'. All diseases are either the result of vitamin deficiency or food/chemical poisoning. Note- Chemical poisoning results in vitamin deficiency also.

2. The medical system has been devised specifically to make money out of you for the entirety of your life. They do this by deceiving you into thinking that disease is a complex and difficult problem of which only a doctor knows how to fix. Thus, you will be blackmailed into taking their expensive drugs and services to fix your medical problem. But this is just a scam.

3. Disease first began when humans started to grow crops and drink cows milk. Prior to that, there would have been no diseases. When you eat too much grain foods you will develop a condition called 'leaky gut syndrome' which will allow your gut bacteria to enter your blood stream. This will make you feel sick. This is the true process of disease development. Thus, the bacteria doesn't come from rats on ships, fleas or from the air as you have been told.

4.Volcanoes erupt every now and then and cause the sunlight to be partially blocked. This has happened many times in the past. The Dark Ages were actually dark, because the sun was partially blocked for several centuries due to volcanic activity. When this happens, there will be massive starvation periods where millions of people must die because there aren't enough resources for the large populations. People will have to rely on stored grain foods to survive during these times. If people have to rely on stored grain food and don't have any other foods to supplement their diet, then they will develop diabetic related problems. Symptoms may include - toes, fingers and nose will turn black due to lack of circulation and their immune system glands will become swollen. Thus, we have what is called the 'Black Death'.

5. Thus, germs are a SECONDARY PHASE of the disease process. The PRIMARY CAUSE being vitamin deficiency and food poisoning. I admit, that germs may be present in a Black Death victim, but this debate is about primary causes of disease and not about whether germs are present or not. Thus, without the volcanic causation agent and the grain food toxins, then there would be no disease or germs in the blood what-so-ever.

6. Grain food causes the gut to leak because the grain contains tiny razor sharp edges which cut and damage the lining of the gut.




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2017-10-28 10:39:52
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sir king debatesir king debate (CON)
It is because I support scientific laws and NOT hypothetical theories that I negate that "The Black Death was caused by volcanoes and not by germs".
First, I would like to define the following terms regardless of the fact that the affirmatives burden is to define all necessary terms and for me to object if needed. First, Merriam-Webster defines the "Black Death" as "a severe epidemic of plague and especially bubonic plague that occurred in Asia and Europe in the 14th century" [1]. Merriam-Webster also defines "volcanoes" as "a hill or mountain composed wholly or in part of the ejected material" [2]. Also, Merriam-Webster defines "germs" as "a microorganism causing disease" [3]. 
The negation would also like to provide the following burden. The affirmative's burden is that there is ABSOLUTELY no possibility that germs cause the Black Death, and just by volcanoes because the key phrase "AND NOT" implies so. If they are to refute, then the wording of the topic should've been "The Black Death WAS MOST LIKELY...", in order for them to defend both volcanoes and germs. It is the negative burden to "take out" the "NOT" and imply that it was caused by volcanoes and germs, but for the sake of this debate, I will argue for germs being the most likely, plausible, and not hypothetical scientific conclusion. 
Let us observe that we should agree that regardless of the spread of either germs of volcanic activity, the Black Death is a PLAGUE. Merriam-Webster defines "plague" as "an epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality:, which is a fair definition for both sides. 
Contention 1: Yersinia pestis, the germ. 
According to the Britannica the "Germ theory, in medicine, [is] the theory that certain diseases are caused by the invasion of the body by microorganisms, organisms too small to be seen except through a microscope." It is important to consider our previous definition of germs, and that these are microorganisms that can cause diseases, and furthermore, they can cause widespread epidemic, such as plague and this "Black Death" Furthermore, Live Science clearly states, ""The Black Death was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis". Obviously, the phrase "Yersinia pestis" does not sound like a volcano, it is truly just bacteria, and bacteria is a microorganism, thus falling under the definition of he "germ". By common sense, such widespread epidemic was obviously due to the unfortunate spread of Yersinia pestis, a detrimental disease, one that is a germ, spreading all throughout Europe. Remember, throughout history, science, and our education, we have been taught that the plague/Black Death/Bubonic Plague, was obviously an epidemic/disease/germ outbreak/plague. All that the affirmative will introduce in this debate is obviously hypothetical and is deciphered as a conspiracy theory. Now of course, as always, there may be truth behind all of these conspiracy theories, but they are MOST LIKELY not true, and are just stipulations, with just a few hypothetical facts around them. It is important that when you are judging this debate you clearly understand that the term itself "Yersinia pestis" proves that germs were the ONLY cause of this rapid epidemic known as the Black Death. No logical scientists concludes that Yersinia pestis is a volcano, instead it is a dangerous bacteria. 
Contention 2: Germy nature. 
Brandon Tucker explains, "Y. pestis,during this cycle, starts out in wild rodents which are then bit by fleas. The fleas will transfer the plague between the wild rodents until that population is dead. This cycle continues on in this fashion until either all the rodents are dead, or the fleas find a new food source, usually domestic rats. Once a domestic rat gets bitten, or another domestic animal, the Urban Cycle starts. The start of this cycle is similar to the Sylvatic cycle, where the fleas will bite one domestic animal and then spread it to the next. During this cycle is when humans get infected. If a flea that carries Y. pestishappens to bite a human then that human is infected. While in the human, there are two different ways the plague can manifest itself: the Bubonic Plague or Pneumonic Plague." CLEARLY, there is NO connection to volcanoes as the cause and the origination of the Black Death, since we have already concluded that Y. pestis was definitely the cause of the Black Death/ plague. Nevertheless, the source NEVER MENTIONS that the bacteria could've originated from volcanoes. Consider how ignorant it is to say this, to say that the plague was contracted by volcanic activity which is clearly false. Even TODAY, we see sudden small outbreaks of Y. pestis in urban communities DUE TO THE CAUSE OF RATS. This article explicitly states that the ONLY cause of the plague was the spread of rats, that spread the fleas, that infected the host with THE GERM Y. pestis. The affirmative has ignored that "Since that time, plague has occurred in rural and semi-rural areas of the western United States, primarily in semi-arid upland forests and grasslands where many types of rodent species can be involved. Many types of animals, such as rock squirrels, wood rats, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks, mice, voles, and rabbits can be affected by plague. Wild carnivores can become infected by eating other infected animals.". It is so important to consider that the plague has not gone away, and it never will because it is bacteria, and is it a long-term host in the body of a flea that is stuck onto a rat. As stated, we see the "plague" to be spread in MODERN DAY COMMUNITIES, in the WESTERN US, which is important. It is common sense that the western US is not currently affected by volcanic activity, get the germ of the Black Death still exists. Thus, it is impossible for volcanoes to have ANY CONNECTION AT ALL to anything and everything about the Black Death. The affirmative falls completely on there case, since they are unable to provide a DIRECT LINK from volcanoes to the Black Death. Consider that germs are the ONLY EXPLANATION. 


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2017-10-30 17:35:17
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AtkhenatenAtkhenaten (PRO)
It appears that my opponent is not an experienced debater. He has not addressed the issues of the debate correctly and has confused the issues by trying the childish trick of associating volcanoes as being the cause of the bacteria. Clearly, I have not stated this anywhere in my opening address. My opponent has tried to belittle my argument by using statements which suggest that my theory is just a conspiracy theory. My opponent has also failed to consider that his side of the argument may be just a conspiracy theory. My opponent wastes too much time and effort in explaining tedious details of word definitions while failing to respond to the general issues at hand.

Overall, my opponents response is just a big bag of air and has no meaningful content. He has completely avoided the issues and wasted time on irrelevant side issues. He makes many idiotic comments such as "No logical scientists concludes that Yersinia pestis is a volcano". I don't know where he got this information from but it doesn't make any sense to me. How could anybody confuse a volcano with a bacteria? Why even bother making such an absurd statement? This is just how a small inexperienced child would conduct a debate.

Thus, I am still waiting for my opponent to properly address all the issues that I have raised in the debate so far. I can't respond to illogical nonsense statements. He must properly address each issue and not avoid any important points that I have made in my opening statements.

Lastly, I will address my opponents comment that the Black Death is still around in the modern world. This can be explained because the Black Death is essentially a consequence of eating too much grain food without any other food supplements to enrich the diet. This leads to a diabetic condition which causes the body's extremities to turn black due to oxygen starvation. When this happens, it will cause further problems with the lymph glands, which will swell up. These symptoms are well known and can be directly attributed to diabetes and not the Black Death. Thus, a volcano or a war zone could both be considered as triggers for this condition to occur. Note - Most modern cases of the 'Black Death' occur in African war zones where agriculture and infrastructure has been destroyed by fighting.

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2017-10-31 01:56:18
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sir king debatesir king debate (CON)
I unfortunately must concede to this second round of the debate because of time constraints. My opponent didn’t respond to my time request so I must uphold my previous argument for this round. I will respond to my opponent in the next round. 
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2017-11-03 01:47:24
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