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That we should repatriate all illegal immigrants

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KushKush (PRO)

Firstly, I would like to thank @Sonny for taking part in this debate.

Now firstly, I'd like to decipher the resolution. The resolution can be broken down to, ‘all illegal immigrants should be sent back to their country.’

Now as we all know, the conflict of illegal immigrants has become highly tensed, especially in the United States of America. About 10.5 million illegal immigrants are currently present in the USA. There are several reasons as to why illegal immigrants should be repatriated and the PRO will be elaborately explaining them throughout the course of this debate.

The first reason why illegal immigrants should be repatriated is that their residence in the country will be unfair to the legal immigrants. Legal immigrants take part in all of the due processes, vow to be lawful and loyal. When illegal immigrants go to a particular country without becoming legal, it defeats the purpose of immigrants even willing to become legal. The next and probably the most essential flaw of not deporting illegal immigrants can be the financial strain. Legal immigrants pay the taxes, shop at malls, and this keeps the community ticking. Sometimes families only send one or two members of the family to make money and send back to the native country. However, the money earned by the members belongs to that particular country that they made it from. Hence this outgoing revenue never makes it back to the country thus destabilizing its economy. 

Citizens that are legal often find that their own resources become smaller. This can especially be seen in schools. Education is not denied when illegal immigrants go to enroll their children. This immediately places more of a financial burden on the school. Lunch and breakfast are usually provided to these children. Transportation is also a cost. Education for illegal immigrants often involves special classes to teach the proper language, as well. Tutoring is often necessary to get these children on the correct grade level for their age.


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2020-07-09 00:53:32
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