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That we should accept all refugees

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I'd like to thank my opponent for agreeing to do this debate with me.

A refugee is a person forced to leave their country because of a war, a natural disaster, or some kind of persecution. I want to emphasize that allowing refugees in is not the same as an open border policy. It is opening the borders only to those whom the government is satisfied are legitimately in that category. I'm all for background checks and other means to make sure the refugee process is not abused.

Refugees need help. They are amongst the world's most vulnerable people. They are fleeing certain death, and not as criminals, but as innocent victims of circumstances far outside their control. These are the poor, the sick and the helpless. They are beggars and pleaders. If they are sent back, then their blood is on our hands, because but for the fact that nations accept refugees, those same people would almost certainly die. To prevent that kind of mass devastation, is exactly why the refugee system exists throughout most modern western liberal democracies.

Faced with such beggars and pleaders, how can we be pickers and choosers? If we accept the premise that no human is worth more than another, and that all are entitled to the same basic human rights, including the security of the person, then the resolution follows.

The resolution is affirmed.

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2015-11-21 20:00:43
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I totally agree with the admin, I believe there is no reason to oppose.If terrorism will be brought up, I would like to say that steps had been taken. Security system has improved and also the fact that we cant turn our back to the refugees because of all the reasons mentioned in the argument by the admin.
Posted 2015-12-01 08:31:18
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