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That the state should provide incentives for individuals to buy local

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brandon.the.debaterbrandon.the.debater (PRO)
Hello, my name is Brandon Acosta, and I will be debating as the affirmation for the resolution "That the state should provide incentives for individuals to buy local". I would first like to clarify the organization of my argument:
  1. Debate Organization and Rules
  2. Opening Statement
  3. Acceptance
Due to the fact of the limits in these rounds, in which there is a maximum of 10000 characters, and since my arguments will be pretty lengthy, I would like to state that all my rounds will have a Google Docs link in which, one may open it and read it thoroughly. Since the negation has provided no specific rules towards third-party writing software, I am able to do this. All links will allow people to view the file, meaning no editing is allowed, or even possible.
Additionally, I was unable to finish my Works Cited, although there are some links at the end of everything that you may click on a reference.If anybody has any issues regarding this document, you may message me on EDEB8, or for preference, anybody may e-mail me to brandondebates1@gmail.com.
Thank you and I wish the best of luck to the affirmation!!!

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2016-12-18 12:04:43
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This debate is about SHOPPING not who can string together very long words in short sentences. Why over complicate the thread which will, in all probability, be about government intervention/subsidies.
Posted 2016-12-19 21:03:34
What is meant by "local"? Just like a small business in your area? or your nation?
Posted 2016-11-30 09:02:53
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