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That the rise of a 'hookup culture' is regrettable

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UpscyfeesUpscyfees (CON)
Many STDs epidemics and pregnancies have  appeared through the hookup culture. But that definately does not mean that this practise has to stop because there have been people who engaged in unprotected sex. Hookups are based on the idea that sexual pleasure and emotional closeness do not necessarily have to coexist. This means that sexual intercourse (and the effects it has on the body) can happen without an emotional bond existing before or after it. Of course that does not mean the intercourse should be unprotected or provocing physical harm. Participants could enjoy benefits of sex, such as, enforcing the immune system, lowering blood pressure and decreasing likelihood of heart disease, without having to become attached with each other. Apart from that sexual intercourse can have positive effects on the mental health of the participant such as a feeling of intimacy (that lasts as long as the intercourse) or stress relief or even increasing self-esteem .
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2018-04-19 14:14:13
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Upscyfees: Since the rise of STDs and unwanted pregnancies has led to the extented use of protection worldwide, do you believe that the lives of our generation and of the ones to come has dramatically improved on the part of health and sexual intercourse?

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MharmanMharman (PRO)
With people having so much sex, they have a much higher chance of eventually hitting that 2% failure rate for condoms. In addition, the statement that condoms protect against STDs is only half true. Condoms do significantly protect against STDs, but only some of them. Condoms are useless in preventing the rest.

If one wants to enjoy the health benefits of sexual intercourse it is much better to enter a mutually monogamous relationship with someone who is also not infected.

To answer my opponents question, no. We would all be much safer practicing abstinence, or at least having only one partner. With the rise of STDs And unwanted pregnancies, undoubtedly because of the Hookup Culture, our generation has not helped sexual health at all.

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2018-04-21 12:53:10
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Previous Judgments

2018-04-24 13:39:13
Undovic88Judge: Undovic88
Win awarded to: Mharman
Mharman should be given the win without a doubt, for that Upscyfees forfeited, if a new member were to take up the con side of the debate, I feel as if Mharmans loss would be guaranteed.

Include facts, mharman did a great job at this.
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2018-04-25 19:55:45
PatrickToulsonJudge: PatrickToulson
Win awarded to: Mharman
Side proposition consistently pointed out that the increased use of hookups increases the risk of STIs. Nevertheless they gave no evidence to their claim that it increases unprotected sex. Another unsubstantiated claim by side proposition is that sex is better, in whatever sense, when in a monogamous relationship - I would be careful with this claim as it can alienate some judges and audience members with certain lifestyle and religious views.

Side opposition failed to point out these flaws in the props argument. To their merit, they did list the benefits of sexual intercourse - in a relationship or otherwise; nevertheless they failed to make it relevant to the debate. They failed to answer the question "why should I care?". This made their points less effective and less clear.

For these reasons, on balance, I believe the proposition has it.

Give evidence to your claims. Then link it back to the point - why is point X relevant, what does point X show, why does point X make your case stronger?
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2018-04-26 17:16:08
CalebfizzelJudge: Calebfizzel
Win awarded to: Mharman
2018-04-28 00:33:14
Just trying to have funJudge: Just trying to have fun
Win awarded to: Mharman
2018-04-29 15:32:41
Shonal PrasadJudge: Shonal Prasad
Win awarded to: Mharman
Both teams did well. Upscyfees started well with strong statements but could have won if the round was not forfeited. The clear winner is Mharman

More facts and linking to statements
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