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That the moon landings were faked

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Random StrangerRandom Stranger (PRO)
For posterity: I don't actually believe the moon landings were faked. Really affirming opening line, don't you think?

Anyway, allow me to turn back the clock for you. It's 1969. The Cold War is boiling hot. Eight years earlier, President John F. Kennedy has promised the country that the U.S.A. would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. This optimistic but gutsy claim was soon to be unfulfilled, though the U.S. had been working on getting people to the moon for a while. Too make matters more desperate, the Soviet Union, the symbol of communism, was beating the U.S., the symbol of democracy, in the space race, putting the man-made object, man, and woman in space, as well as accomplishing the first orbit of earth and the first space-walk. These embarrassing facts made the "moonshot" not just a question of the ability of the U.S., but also of the superior ability of democracy. Indeed, this was an important accomplishment.

So NASA did would they had to do. They decided to invest the money into creating an elaborate hoax, in order to preserve the sanctity of America. They shot videos to make it seem like they landed on the moon.

Strangely enough, the first serious questioning of the Apollo landings came from an technical writer under a NASA contractor. His company worked on the Saturn Vs, and his conclusion was that NASA didn't have sufficient technology to reach the moon.

Over the years, theorists have pointed out certain photos, and pairs of photos that don't make sense.

These photos are clearly supposed to take place on different dates at different places, as you can see with the foreground. However the backgrounds are identical. In fact, if you crop out the foreground, aside from that pesky lunar module, the photos couldn't be any more similar. This would indicate that there was a set that was used to make the landings.

Notice the conflicting shadows on the legs of the lunar module:

You might say that there were lights that produced the shadows on the module, but as you can see from this diagram below, taken from a NASA website,[1] there are no lights on the descent stage of the module, where the lights would have to be. This would indicate that the area near the module was artificially lit.

That picture has another paradox; there are footprints right next to the module. If the module landed in that area, wouldn't the thruster blast away all the dust around it?

Pictures taken on the moon have crosshairs on them. Some of these appear to be have parts of the crosshairs behind objects in the photo:

This would indicate that the photos were faked.

Well, there you have it. The moon landings were clearly faked.

1: https://www.hq.nasa.gov/pao/History/SP-4205/ch6-2.html

All other information came from these two sites: 

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2017-01-31 07:34:03
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fire_wingsfire_wings (CON)
2 minutes left. The moon landings are real because humans, our grandparents actually saw the rocket launching, Armstrong coming back and watching it live on TV. There are also tons of pictures, those aren't the only ones.
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2017-02-07 07:32:40
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Random StrangerRandom Stranger (PRO)
I would like to thank my opponent for responding, as small as his response may be.

My opponent argued that the Apollo landings happened because there actually were Saturn V's that were launched off. This is indeed a fact, there are many eye-witness accounts of the launches. However, I would argue that the launches were all part of the hoax. They did not actually contain the astronauts. Instead, the astronauts stayed out of sight for the duration of the "trip."

Yes, there are many other photos of the moon landings, but we can assume that these were successfully faked. Just because not all the photos of the landings don't show signs of being faked doesn't mean the photos weren't faked.

I'll give my opponent a shot to make his case. That's all for now.

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2017-02-10 13:52:03
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Random StrangerRandom Stranger
As far as I know, the moon landings did happen. I just thought this would be a fun debate to have.
Posted 2017-01-25 00:40:55
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