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That schools should help students find an after-school job

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ZackDavis1997ZackDavis1997 (PRO)
The word that comes to mind when I think about schools is educators, the school is the body but each individual piece is someone who wants to be in some educational department.  One of the reasons why most people become educators in survey of (https://www.edweek.org/teaching-learning/survey-explores-why-people-go-into-teaching-in-the-first-place/2015/10) is the need to make a difference in a students lives. 

 Therefore if the main motive of the majority of workers is to help students. then the school should help students find an after school job, this will without a doubt impact the students well being in a positive light, because not only will it look good and get them a skill set. But it will give the students less time to get in trouble. Furthermore with the resources that the schools has with the community, and the amount of time that students spend in school, it would reason that some of that time could be spent helping students gain money. 

 In conclusion some of the points of why schools should help students find an after-school job, is one that educators primary goal is to help students, and what better way then helping them get a job and experience. And two the amount of money and resources that the schools have in 

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2021-02-26 21:27:15
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Hey! I know your opponent hasn't submitted his argument yet, but I wanted to say ahead of time that you carry a really good point. The academic obligation is educating and preparing the students for adulthood, and many prestigious schools go out of their way to make separate training/coaching for excelling in applying business to life skills. A lot of the public, poorer districts prioritize positively influencing the kids struck by poverty so they don't get caught up in the drug industry or trafficking of some sort. Awesome presentation man
Posted 2021-04-26 14:09:19
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