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That recycling certain types of rubbish should be mandatory

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Penrose stairsPenrose stairs (PRO)
Recycling paper and plastic should be mandatory in more developed countries.
Without mandatory recycling, many people do not recycle recyclable items unless they are paid much to do so. However, the cost of recycling industry is quite high, so it is not possible for the recycling companies to pay people who recycle. People are not motivated to recycle because they think that they would not make a huge impact to the environment. 
The affirmative side proposed that recycling plastics should be mandatory because it does not decompose itself in the landfill, so it is much better to recycle it than to throw it away. 
Paper should be recycled as well because paper is made from trees. Too many trees are cut down for various purpose, making paper is one of these. Trees play an extremely important role in wildlife, providing habitats for animals, it also prevent land turning into deserts. Without trees, there would not be enough oxygen for humans and other animals to breathe. Paper can be recycled many times. It is definitely a waste to throw it away.
Making recycling mandatory is a good way to educate the public and increase their awareness towards environmental issues.
If recycling certain types of rubbish should not be mandatory, what can be done to make sure everyone recycle?

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2018-03-31 09:37:05
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