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That prostitution should be legal

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Spoorthi GiridharSpoorthi Giridhar (PRO)

Prostitution is present in both developed and developing countries. If we were to consider the industry of sex trade as just another service industry, the economy of the country can prosper, as prostitution is currently a thriving trade.

Traffickers and pimps exploit the sex workers and their businesses thrive. By legalizing this industry, the trafficking gangs can be put to an end. This also guarantees the safety of the sex workers. Facts are that it works. Nevada, Switzerland and New Zealand are proof.

Globally the prostitution business is worth $186 billion, according to the website www.havocscope.com which analyses the black economy. Income on that scale could generate a lot of tax revenue. It’s been estimated legalizing prostitution across the United States could give the tax authorities around $20 billion a year. In Germany – which liberalized its prostitution laws in 2002 – the legal industry is worth around €16 billion and tax revenue is a major contribution to some city budgets. It’s time the sex industry is taxed like any other business, so that those revenues can benefit the Society 

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2018-05-16 18:00:15
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Shamil HasanliShamil Hasanli
Agreed .it should be legal
Posted 2018-05-16 14:37:25
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2018-05-23 17:27:56
MharmanJudge: Mharman    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: Spoorthi Giridhar
Pro was the only one to make an argument. By default, he wins.
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2018-05-24 12:48:11
James MartinezJudge: James Martinez
Win awarded to: Spoorthi Giridhar
Pro was the only one to speak in this debate. He is the only one who make a clear argument. By my judgment, I do hereby consider Spoorthi Giridhar as the winner! Congratulations!
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2018-05-24 22:54:52
dman22173Judge: dman22173
Win awarded to: Spoorthi Giridhar

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