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That preparations against zombie attacks should be the responsibility of the military

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fire_wingsfire_wings (PRO)
I have accepted this by accident because of a lag. There was a lag in my computer, and I was clicking in random things, and I have accepted this debate. Looking at the resolution, I am pretty sure it will be pretty hard to argue, but as YOLO and my habit of screwing stuff, I'm gonna make my argument with 7 hours remaining.


I will be looking at the definitions of parts of the resolution, and from that show why the military should make preparations of zombie attacks (if there are any.)


Military: the armed forces of a country [1]. OR of or relating to soldiers, arms, or war

As you can see from the definitions, the military is the armed forces of the country, meaning that it is the Army, and the military protects the country. Zombie attacks will probably not happen, as you and I know that there are no such things as zombies in the modern world today. But, if a zombie virus suddenly spreads throughout the country, the military should make preparations

First of all, in the definitions of Merriam-Webster, it show that the military is the armed force of a country, and containing soldiers for war and attacks. I believe that the soldiers should be responsible of making preparations of zombie attacks

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2017-01-01 07:51:15
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