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That missions to Mars are worth funding

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As much as many don't like to admit it, we are destroying our planet, in turn making it more dangerous to live in, and less sustainable for future generations. Technology is and always will be advancing, so in the time it takes us to find more 'green' mechanisms or ways of doing things, the amount of resources are depleting and global warming is on the rise. This means the - as sad a state of affairs that it is - the Earth will not be around forever, partly due to human behaviour, and we need somewhere else to live. It is not only humans that need to survive, but all other animals and species that currently live on Earth, and are an essential part of our complex food chain. Therefore, looking for potential life outside of our planet seems the obvious next step. Since Mars is the only planet showing any sense of what may be life, it is in fact very reasonable to keep looking into it and researching the planet, as that may be what we call home in centuries or even decades to come.
On the other hand, more of the money that is already invested in education, should be aimed at teaching children how to live & move through the world in an eco-friendly way. For example, focusing on excercise, rather than relying on public transport, and teaching about stem & how to produce things efficiently, and also teaching about eating nutritionally & economically effectively, as food waste and food packaging is an unspoken about factor to pollution. Although, education is only a short-term solution as lots of the damage is already 'done' and causing some level of waste is inevitable, that is why I think that missions to Mars are worth funding, as they are a long-term solution.
Posted 2018-08-03 14:33:09
Why are you posting this in the comments section?!
Posted 2018-08-01 18:40:59
Why is a mission to Mars worth funding?

Well right now we live in a planet that is overpopulating and burning through its natural resources at a unsustainable pace. It’s becoming all the more clear that we’ll have to branch out in the near future. And putting money into developing the technology that will one day get us to Mars is one of the most worthwhile things we can do.

Because humans will need a new home, let’s put a good amount of energy now into making that happen.
Posted 2018-07-31 18:12:02
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