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That minors should not require parental consent to obtain an abortion

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Beekeeper12Beekeeper12 (PRO)
Abortion is killing of a fetus or embryo. It is ethically wrong for a minor to be pregnant in the first place. The age of the minor is also something we should set out. In this debate the minor will be aged 15. By the age of 15, the majority of females have matured fully (sexually). The minor has developed her own opinions, and is wanting to do what she thinks. If this minor has younger siblings, she already will know how to care for young children whilst she is maturing.

Teenage loves don't last so if the minor wants to have a constant reminder of an ex lover then that is her choice. Ultimately if the minor feels like it is the best decision to have an abortion then let her. We have our own minds and that is alright. We can have an abortion if we wanted.

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2015-05-28 23:27:46
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BlackflagBlackflag (CON)
I was eager to accept this debate after seeing the topic. Good luck Beekeeper12.

Abortion is like the opposing position stated, the killing of an embryo or fetus. There are a variety of procedures which are dependent on the health conditions of the carrier and the age of the fetus. These procedures range from sucking the embryo through a tube, stabbing and then severing the connection of the fetus from the mother before extracting it, and for late term pregnancies, mutilating the fetus until individual parts can be extracted.  

Abortion is a very controversial subject to discuss in our society, because it is also one of the more morally imperative questions for us to resolve. Do the bodily rights of the carrier mother outweigh the right for the fetus to live and eventually come out of the womb to live among men?  A fetus has a human brain, a human heart, human cells, and human DNA, but some people still make the claim that the fetus is not a human being. Others claim that a fetus is a human being, but that shouldn't matter anyways, because in their opinion the fetus is a worthless and expendable human being.

Whether you believe the fetus is a human or not, one thing we all recognize is that an out of womb baby is a human. Therefore everyone, even those who believe a fetus is not a human being, must accept that the fetus is in the process of becoming a human being. That human being will likely live a long and productive life in contribution to society, whereas under an abortion procedure that long and productive would be denied to this existential being. 

 We all realize the hardships women have to endure raising a child in their womb, but we should also recognize the beautiful creature that the mothers labor will produce. Pregnancy is not an unethical state of being. It has the potential to be the greatest state of existence under the right mindset, and those who get abortions are under the wrong mindset. The selfish desires of those who get abortions are clear as day. They worry about the hardship of taking care of a child, how it will affect their own personal lives, and all the money they will have to spend on their kid. They do not care for the more important things, like the wonderful son and daughter which they will have, who will love them unconditionally because they are their child's parents, and that is irreplaceable. Parenthood is a unique and one of a kind. What smart woman would want to waste such a precious opportunity?

The majority of women who get abortions do not know what is best for them. This isn't an attack on women, but rather a logical statement supported by evidence and general consensus. How many people can claim to regret having kids? 5 percent? When 95% of parents love their kids and would die for them, we have to ask, why are over 20% of pregnancies aborted? It isn't a hard question when you think about it. That 20% are selfish, but I guarantee you that a least 15 out of every 20 of those selfish people who have got an abortion would of loved and cared for their child like all the other adults who have came to had kids. It is hard to kill an out of womb child, but our society seems to think it is easier to kill something that you haven't yet loved. 

Youth are generally more susceptible to negative influences, and are still seeing the world from a new generations perspective. If the majority of women who got abortions would of probably loved their children if they had not gotten an abortion, then you better believe that almost all youth who get abortions are making decisions blindly. 

It is understandable for a minor to not know better on abortion. Luckily they have parents who can set them straight. Parents often tell their kids who want to get an abortion that they could have easily aborted their own kids. That blunt statement is very effective at swaying pregnant minors to not get an abortion. Unfortunately youth do have a tendency to be stubborn. Many young women get abortions without  parental consent, not even telling their parents what they were about to do. 

We need to stop minors from making poor choices. The solution is to require the consent of the minor's parents.

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2015-05-30 06:20:59
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Stag: Is there anything preventing a mother from putting her child up for adoption?
Beekeeper12: Age of the minor! correct me if I am wrong when I say that you have to be a certain age to put a child up for adoption
Stag: It depends on where you are living, but in most developed countries abortion is available for any pregnant woman
Stag: It isn't like a six year old could get pregnant though, all things considered
Beekeeper12: Yeah we didn't specify whether the minor is in a developing country or not!

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Yeah I had an argument lined up! But couldn't get to the computer on time.
Posted 2015-06-03 07:37:00
Okay ask away!
Posted 2015-05-31 04:06:47
Because Cx was in the rules. We ask and answer each others questions
Posted 2015-05-31 02:16:48
why is it being cross examined?
Posted 2015-05-30 23:51:16
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lannan13Judge: lannan13    TOP JUDGE
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Forfeiture on behalf of Pro. Con refuted all of Pro's points and backed his arguments with valid sources.
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What sources?
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