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That doping should be legal in sports

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idiyosyncraticanthropoid_idiyosyncraticanthropoid_ (PRO)
Doping: administer drugs to (a racehorse, greyhound, or athlete) in order to inhibit or enhance sporting performance.
Legal: permitted by law.
This model does not apply to animals participating in a particular sporting event. Doping animals is entirely a different topic.

1. PEDs don't alter the talent of the athlete.

Performance Enhancing Drugs as the name suggests only enhances the performance of an athlete. It helps them to be more active and perform to the fullest. It is just a catalyst and will not be of any help to people who lack talent.

2. The demand will always exist

The demand for PEDs will always exist. Legalizing them will make the drugs safer as the government becomes accountable and the government's revenue will increase.

3. Justice for team members in events.

In team events, If one person is found to be doped, and that is illegal, all the other team members who haven't taken part in the crime also bear the consequences of their medal being stripped. If doping in sports is legalized, the medals will not be stripped and everyone gets paid for their hard work and talent.

4. The war on doping has done far more harm than good.

The war on doping has shown us how useless our testing protocols are, increased corruption, made sports organizations and governments lose money and also lose a lot of talented athletes.

Certain changes are for the better and this particular one sure is. 

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2020-04-07 18:22:11
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Previous Judgments

2020-04-30 06:25:30
Bugsy460Judge: Bugsy460    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: idiyosyncraticanthropoid_
Only Idiyosyncraticanthropoid had points.

Obviously the opponent wasn't there. Only thing I have to say is you went for a quantity of arguments at the beginning, which is good. Be prepared to drop losing arguments to go for winning ones if you have an opponent that debates you.
0 comments on this judgement
2020-04-30 22:19:29
nzlockieJudge: nzlockie    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: idiyosyncraticanthropoid_
2020-05-01 06:08:31
dpowell3543Judge: dpowell3543    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: idiyosyncraticanthropoid_
2020-05-04 12:29:47
JackSpratJudge: JackSprat
Win awarded to: idiyosyncraticanthropoid_
This was a full forfeit. An argument is better than none. There are some significant logic problems with the argument. I get you may have just opened with a short argument to test to see if you would get a response. I do the exact same thing. That being said I want to show you what you have written has been read.

First you never actually tie PED to doping. Doping is more inclusive cause it includes blood doping, etc.
Second, you say that doping only enhances talent. Reaction time is a talent in some and enhanced by drugs in another.
Third, you state because they will be legal, they will be safer, and governments make money. I am not following that logic. Most PED are legal in some form. The legality for use in sport is also driven by the sports leagues.
Four: the war on doping (that is funny) has done more harm than good. You make some very very interesting arguments here. I would love to see that flush out.

Nice formatting. It was easy to read and understand what your thought was. I find this debate interesting, so feel free to challenge me on it. I will take the other side and you can open up with a similar opening, flushed out a bit more if you like. Good effort.
0 comments on this judgement

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