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That democracies should extend voting rights to migrant workers

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sunbrightsunbright (PRO)
Kush, thank you for accepting the debate.     Globalization, the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989, people in many African counties hardly hit by drought caused by global warming and people who have been lost jobs by military conflicts in the Middle East and Africa 
triggered the emergence of great number of migrant workers in the modern world.  They have been seeking for jobs to keep their lives in many developed countries.  ` `  There are at present approximately 244 million migrants around the world, representing 3.3 per cent of the global population, women make up almost half of migrants. Migrants workers contribute to the economies of their host countries, and the remittances they send home help to boost the economies of their countries of origin.``  1)           
    However, unfortunately many of them are suffering from low wages, unfair labor treatment and poor social protection in many developed countries. They are ` `  vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking.` `  2)    `` `  Skilled migrant workers are less vulnerable to exploitation , but their departure deprives some developing countries of the valuable labor needed for their own countries`  `  3)   For coping with these dire situation, ` `  ILO standards on migration provide tools for both countries of origin and of destination to manage migration flows and ensure adequate protection for this vulnerable category of workers.` `  4)

 Here, let me point out the situation in the United States.  Migrant workers coming to the U.S. have strong desire for realizing `  American  Dreams`  .  But, unfortunately ` `  they face challenges that are not present for native workers. Many of them do not have the required paperwork to stay in the country legally, so they face the constant threat of deportation.` `  5)     To keep employment period as long as possible, they are coerced to obey instructions and orders given by their employer without expressing their demand and requests. ` `  Some workers are promised jobs to entice them to come to the U.S., but are not given the same type of job when they arrive.  Sexual or physical assault incidents are also underreported in the migrant worker population because of the fear of consequences.` `  6)  
 What kinds of jobs do migrant workers engage in ?    Many of them are working in seasonal work. Agriculture and the construction are two major sector which many of them are employed. 7)     
 The important thing is that they are contributing to the American economy but they face not only unfavorable labor situation   
but live in the society which their right of freedom expression is extremely limited.  
 Taking their harsh life into consideration, I believe that democratic country like the U.S. should extend voting rights to migrant workers.  

             References:  1),2),3),4) https://www.ilo.org/global/standards/
                                    5),6) https://work.chron.com.
                                    7) https://www.wisegeek.com.   

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2020-10-19 17:30:48
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