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That copyright law should not extend to the internet

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Natasha17Natasha17 (PRO)
Firstly you have to understand what copyright is:
"Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution."

Now let's consider all the places you can copyright someones' work:
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Business pages
  • Blogs
  • Forums
There is loads to go on to.

But I'm gotta cover it all and show my points to why copyright has to be extended onto the virtual world.
If you look at the statistics for  the amount of people using the internet from 2001-2014  it has risen massively:

Now if copyright wasn't extended you would expect to see alot of peoples' work on the internet being used as their own ON THE INTERNET.So to stop this from happening copyright needs to be extended to the internet or it can cause massive issues:
  • People would go to the police which is wasting police time
  • It could cause the murder rate to go up even more as people can take it seriously
  • Famous peoples work would not be known and be classed as other peoples',making it unfair.

So yes copyright should be taken into consideration in the viral world

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2018-04-12 00:05:45
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GuitarKirbyGuitarKirby (CON)
Er, my opponent just made all of my points. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding, as the title of the debate is "That copyright law should not extend to the internet."

So, yes, I agree, copyright should be extended to the internet and content creators therein.

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2018-04-12 11:14:40
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2018-04-23 11:02:28
MharmanJudge: Mharman    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: GuitarKirby
Pro did not debate his position. He debated the opponents
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2018-04-25 01:54:04
DHDemon5579Judge: DHDemon5579
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2018-04-26 12:31:55
Undovic88Judge: Undovic88
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Yeah just because he pointed out the fact that she messed up lmao k
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2018-04-27 12:37:42
Just trying to have funJudge: Just trying to have fun
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2018-04-27 13:19:14
CalebfizzelJudge: Calebfizzel
Win awarded to: GuitarKirby
2018-04-29 03:35:03
Shonal PrasadJudge: Shonal Prasad
Win awarded to: GuitarKirby

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