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That companies should assess social media profiles when hiring staff

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sidharth sunishsidharth sunish (PRO)
A company can be considered as a small society in itself, which is trying to maximize its productivity and ensure that it stays ahead of the curve and the competition. For an organization to grow, it is imperative that the smaller sub - units namely the departments and the teams are are working in an optimized manner as well as effectively and efficiently. In today's, cut throat environment, it becomes more critical for an organization, to hire a new member with greater awareness with respect to what the person could offer to the organisation, the department and the team that he would be joining. 

A company, as discussed above, is a "micro - society", and hence, what better way to judge if the latest addition to your society would help in improving it by assessing how the same person behaves in the real world. And in today's time, People are less active socially and more active on the respective social media. A quick glance at a profile on facebook and twitter will tell you the likes and dislikes, the political inclination, his priorities in life and everything we need to know about the person. A quick look at his Linkedin account will tell his past experiences and positions held, the courses which he has completed, his educational background, all of which would be verified by hundreds of independent person.

Also, the data analysis of the metadata generated through social media can help an organisation choose people depending on the need of the organisation. For eg. an organisation can choose if it needs an employee for the short term or the long term and can on the basis of data analysis, select a person who skips job every two years or somebody who has been in the same job for the past five years. 

Thus, the companies assessing social media currently, to hire staff is just staying ahead of the curve as this is going to become the rule rather than the exception over the coming years   

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2017-04-01 04:34:53
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sidharth sunishsidharth sunish (PRO)
Given the fact that my esteemed opponent has forfeited the round, I would not like to add anything more to first round
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2017-04-03 08:12:16
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2017-04-11 14:21:04
MharmanJudge: Mharman    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: sidharth sunish

Pro was the only one to make an argument, con forfeited.
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2017-04-11 17:09:47
Uncle DilloJudge: Uncle Dillo
Win awarded to: sidharth sunish
2017-04-15 16:55:02
mohemmed fahad ahmed Judge: mohemmed fahad ahmed
Win awarded to: sidharth sunish
2017-04-15 22:55:34
Debate KINGJudge: Debate KING
Win awarded to: sidharth sunish
2017-04-17 13:04:30
TheFuror JurorJudge: TheFuror Juror
Win awarded to: sidharth sunish
2017-04-18 22:25:48
DethKnotJudge: DethKnot
Win awarded to: sidharth sunish
2017-04-26 00:20:37
t_raoJudge: t_rao
Win awarded to: sidharth sunish
CON conceded, which is of course why the debate goes to PRO. Your constructive argument was a bit indirect, but where I think it was going is that social media is an effective tool to check the character of the individual, which is important for companies when making selections. Not the strongest framing and constructive; also try and bring up more than one point next time. In the circuit where I come from, it's PRO burden of proof to explain why the motion stands, and your argument did that to a certain extent, but it could have been a lot stronger. Without the framing at the beginning, I would have actually given it to CON, simply because the argument in and of itself wouldn't have provided enough reasons for me to rule PRO as fulfilling its burden of proof.
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2017-05-04 09:48:31
laylaaJudge: laylaa
Win awarded to: sidharth sunish
2017-05-04 13:41:05
Random StrangerJudge: Random Stranger
Win awarded to: sidharth sunish

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