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THBT versions of history taught by state through education should be designed to promote national pride

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The Debate So Far

’National pride’ is oriented towards developing and maintaining a national identity based on a nation’s characteristics and therefore seeks to preserve the nation's culture.’History’ in education is the study of past events usually written as a chronological account,particularly in human affairs.My given yardstick is which side better manage the syllabus’ lenght and quality to enhance students’ skills and interests win this debate.
I’m gonna provide #1 substantive
1.The goal...
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2018-02-18 15:52:43
I disagree the history should be designed to promote national pride.
Most importantly, it should be taught in a truthful way, even if it shows the nation in a bad light. It will help children to learn from mistakes of the past, analize and not repeat them. The society that knows its weakness, works on them, develops them into strength has much better chances to develop well-founded national pride, than the one that distorts the truth to look better in the future generations’ eyes.
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2018-02-18 20:43:35
H is not about learning all but rather about learning particular bits of H.Its not even necessarily about learning a nations’ story, but encourage students to think critically.Instead stuffing youth with facts turns there should be discussion & analysing bias to explore positive sense of identity and belonging to the nation.Space in the textbook and time devoted to dis issues is limited,what matters is how teacher expand issues as they will have to supplement the textbooks with other sources.

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2018-02-19 15:40:41
As my opponent fairly noticed, the time for the history classes is limited, so we can’t teach all. The main goal is to develop children’s analytical skills and critical thinking. I argue that promoting national pride goal can easily contradict the goal above, lead to paying more attention to positive evts and neglecting negative ones. As I said before, learning from mistakes of the past is crucial.
National pride usually develops naturally, without intentional help from history classes.
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2018-02-20 21:15:04
Focus in certain significance to what considerd engaging is how school practice their freedom of speech in syllabus.Promoting NP and critical thinking in H are no oxymoron- I dont say we hafta distort truth or ignore all faulty decision but there no need to go into every cases in which country has done wrong throughout the H coz H also appeals in glorious story, emphasizing distinctive features of experience to attain values and commitment for responsible citizen while still open place for dbate
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2018-02-23 15:58:31
National pride, as well as values currently praised in the society are very much connected with political regime. I see at least two problems here. Firstly, values praised by some dictatorships can be contradictory to the moral. History even knows a few examples when exaggerated national pride led to genocide of other nations. Secondly, definition of NP can change quickly leaving whole generations completely unable to adapt to the new circumstances. That happened in former socialist states.
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2018-02-25 19:29:36
ok,I argue that to some extent the idea of a national story bind a country together.Nations are ‘imagined communities’ as members of them will never know most of others of that community or even hear about them.The emphasis on national story from the H helps generate a common unit.S.K President claimed A textbook of modern history should be written in a way that does not hurt our national pride'when criticising a South Korean textbook’s interpretation of the dividing of Korea
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2018-03-04 14:51:04
In my point of view, there are other things that are enough to bind people together, except for the school history course, namely, common language, culture, traditions, holidays and festive events. Unlike school history course, those things take centuries to form, represent the genuine national values and are much less influenced by current political regime. Children start to learn all the things above even before school.
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2018-03-06 15:06:51
A research draws on a survey of over 400 undergraduates’ experiences of secondary education, investigating their attitudes towards the history curriculum and how these relate to their feelings of national pride.It reveals that traditional attitude towards history associated with pride in national sporting and economic achievements and a sense of shame about immigration.Dis example propose towards my side perspective and the main aim of this motion .
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2018-03-15 08:40:46
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Newbee.:))should've read it carefully
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I think some people confuse 500 characters for 500 words.
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Only 500 characters. You chose a "quick debate".
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