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Slavery was a blessing to Blacks.

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David NicholsDavid Nichols (PRO)
Blacks got out of a Stone Age, voodoo continent. They didn't even have the wheel or sails. Africans today wish THEIR ancestors had gotten out---have you seen the ones trying to escape to Europe on rafts?
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2020-12-27 11:38:05
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RishiD123RishiD123 (CON)
To begin, I'd first like to define what slavery is. According to Britannica, "slavery is a condition in which one human being was owned by another. A slave was considered by law as property."  I will be arguing that slavery was a terrible thing that dehumanized Black people.

1. All humans have the right to live and slavery violated that right. It treated Black people as non-human animals and as property of White slave owners. Slave owners viewed their slaves as mere property instead of actual human beings. Furthermore, slavery restricted Black people from expressing their freedoms that they were granted when they were born on this planet.

2. Black people did not at all benefit from slavery. They were taken against their will away from their home continent of Africa to a foreign land to be treated as property - bought and sold by rich white men. Black people would have been so much better off without the European imperialism and the Atlantic Slave Trade. 

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2020-12-30 09:18:31
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David NicholsDavid Nichols (PRO)
Being dehumanized in America is better than living in hell and being eaten by a witch doctor. Even today, no one would rather be free in Africa than a slave in America. 
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2020-12-30 13:29:11
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RishiD123RishiD123 (CON)
Pro's argument is disregarding the fact that Black people are people who have human rights regardless of their skin color. Thus they should be treated as humans just as white people are. Also Pro's argument is xenophobic. He insults the entire continent of Africa with his argument. Africa is not hell. In fact many economists are saying that Africa will become the new China in terms of economic growth, investment, and production of goods and services. It is shameful to call Africa "hell" and argue that Black people deserved to be enslaved in America because of their skin color. Furthermore the only reason why Africa seems to be struggling in the eyes of many foreigners is because of the slave trade and American imperialism. America took millions of slaves from Africa and alongside European countries continued to conquer many African regions and once the brave Africans rose up against the oppression under dictatorial American and European regimes they were left with absolutely nothing.
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2021-01-01 09:20:36
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David NicholsDavid Nichols (PRO)
1.Skin color is irrelevant. Blacks were enslaved because they seemed sub-human. 2.Xenophobia is good---strange people can be dangerous. 3.Arab Africa may be livable, but Black Africa isn't. 4.Africa is used by China (and other countries), it isn't the next China. 5.Imperialism is irrelevant to Africa's plight. Africa was, and will always be, a toilet. You can't blame the slave trade either---Blacks sell and enslave their own people. 7.Conquering Africa is good---the land is fertile, and Blacks don't know how to use it. 8.Black Africans who are returned land aren't left with nothing---they have a developed society for awhile...until they trash it again.
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2021-01-01 11:14:55
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RishiD123RishiD123 (CON)
1. Skin color is not irrelevant as Pro states because it's the only reason why Black people were considered to be sub-human.
2. Xenophobia is not good. It basically implies that although we are of the same species there is some sort of hierarchy of humans which should not exist.
3. Pro's argument basically insults the continent of Africa and he is quoted as saying that "Africa was, and will always be, a toilet." This is absolutely shameful as Africa has come a long way despite the several setbacks that it has faced due to American Imperialism. 
4. Slavery was and still is a terrible thing as it considers black people to be sub human for no other reason than the dark color of their skin which is seen to be as "abnormal" for the European and American world. Furthermore it allows for the ownership of humans by other humans and treats fellow beings of the same species as commodities instead of people. This is in complete violation of Black people's human rights.

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2021-01-04 10:24:04
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David NicholsDavid Nichols
ItWas---Slavery absolutely provided Blacks with happiness and welfare. In fact, almost none wanted to go back to Africa! Even today, again, no Black would choose to be free in Africa over being a slave in the U.S.A. Have you seen the ones risking their LIVES to get out of there?
Posted 2021-01-05 10:32:17
Define blessing. If we are using the following definition of: "a thing conducive to happiness or welfare", then you have already lost the debate. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/blessing
Posted 2021-01-05 09:31:26
David NicholsDavid Nichols
1.Genius, Blacks aren't the only dark-skinned people, so color can't be why they were considered subhuman. 2.Genius, xenophobia has nothing to do with hierarchy. 3.Africa's "coming a long way' doesn't make it a non-toilet. 4.Again, color is irrelevant---Black behavior and primitive mode of life got them enslaved. 5.Again, no one would rather be free in Stone Age Africa than owned in America.
Posted 2021-01-04 13:35:04
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2021-01-04 11:41:42
unbiasedthoughtJudge: unbiasedthought
Win awarded to: RishiD123
I’m casting my judgement unbiased, and I have read all available arguments in this position. The argument David Nichols gives is counter productive, using injustice to support injustice. Some of what was brought up by the opposition was that they escaped religious radicalism. If they were to be brought over here, and were not treated as property of human beings, that would be different. Also, we must specify in what area slavery allegedly helped those of slave dissent. The country needs to be specified in the debate topic. Slavery can never be justified.
Thank you both for your argument, but morally and argumentatively wise, I have to side with RishiD123
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2021-01-05 02:53:32
cantfindone123Judge: cantfindone123
Win awarded to: RishiD123
2021-01-07 09:46:46
Debatemaster101Judge: Debatemaster101
Win awarded to: RishiD123
David Nichols is racist

Don't be racist
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