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Should abortion be legal?

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TheBlackCatTheBlackCat (PRO)
Envision this, you are attached to a stranger by a wire. Without you, this stranger, can't eat, breath nor survive. Often it makes you sick, and ill and whats more it will take almost a year for this stranger to leave you. What would you do? 
Abortion is allowing a woman to take the decision to terminate a fetus. Raising a child will never be an easy task, this is because the parent has to be physically, socially, financially, and emotionally stable to give a child an environment in which they are able to thrive, and at a minimum provide a satisfactory quality of life. Is it really morally correct to raise a child in conditions which he/she must bear the burden of his/her parent's mistakes?
Also, the child will not grow in a loving atmosphere, and as a result, he/she will lack the compassion and more importantly happiness that other children will have. Often to this, people who are pro-life would say that the child can be put into care. Yet even this option has its disadvantages, which include perceiving the fact that they are in care as being unwanted, but also having unequal opportunities to others.

Another reason why abortion should be legal is the fact there are circumstances in which it will cause a mother harm to give birth to the child. Imagine this; something is growing inside you, it's completely innocent yet slowly it will grow bigger and bigger till eventually, it gets too big for your body and you will die. In such cases should you not be given the choice to give up your life or not? Would it not be cruel to force you to die for a thing that has never done anything to you? Then, in theory, abortion MUST be legal for women, as the "something" is a fetus. 
The law must additionally consider rape. Bearing such a fetus has a high chance of causing emotional distress upon the victim, and it is atrocious compel anybody to bare such a hardship.

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2018-03-04 18:56:09
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Sorry it took so long to post
Posted 2018-03-05 06:55:16
Good luck, let's have a good debate.
Posted 2018-03-04 18:57:02
Nazmus SakibNazmus Sakib
lets debate
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Nazmus SakibNazmus Sakib
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