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Secondary school students should be allowed to use Internet language (slang words) in their writing

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Sonny2001Sonny2001 (PRO)
It is a harrowing thought that children in schools may be using internet slang in their work a time school/college. Internet slang is merely a way in which words/phrases can be compacted into shorter, more time-saving terms, such as”LOL” or “Wbu”. Children are fully capable of writing without abbreviating the words or phrases they use and therefore it should not even be considered that they should be able to use shortcuts in schoolwork.
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2018-03-13 20:02:20
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Penrose stairsPenrose stairs (CON)
Yes, secondary school students should never be allowed to use slang in their writing, and the pro side has already admitted it.
Firstly, the idea that slang words should be used is totally not possible. Slang words have no solid definitions, compared with other words. People have different interpretations on the same slang, so some people may think that the student used it wrongly while some may think it is correct. 
Secondly, students should learn the formal way of writing. Slang is part of our lives, so do formal words. School is a place for students to prepare for the future, especially in the work force. Formal language, without any slang, should be used in formal documents and many things related to their job in the future. If students are allowed to use slang in their writing, they won't have chance to practice formal writing. It will be a big problem when they go to work. Students do need to know slang, in order to communicate with friends and people around them, but they get enough practice of using slang in their daily life already.

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2018-03-26 06:58:44
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It should not be allowed what so ever. This is extremely crazy to think people think this would be acceptable. It would be an outrage is children used these slang words in their writing! It would not help their education. It was, in my opinion, make them less able to succeed in the end of their education.
Posted 2018-03-22 22:53:17
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