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Scientists Should Research on String Theory

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RomaniiRomanii (PRO)
Scientists should continue researching String Theory for the same reason they should research any field of science -- the pursuit of knowledge about how our universe works. Out of all the potential "theories of everything", String Theory by far has the most potential, demonstrated by the widespread recognition and interest it has gained within the scientific community. It could possibly "complete" the field of physics, so to speak, by uniting quantum theory with general relativity, revealing the most fundamental natural laws of the universe, and ultimately providing a coherent theoretical framework through which we can fully explain reality, from its smallest scales to its largest. That kind of deep understanding about our universe and our existence is a valuable end in and of itself.

Moreover, the many new possibilities which String Theory would open up (if true) -- extra dimensions, supersymmetry, and gravitons, for example -- could have substantial practical applications. In the 20th century, purely exploratory research into electromagnetism and the properties of silicon eventually led to the development of inventions like computers and the internet; it would be absurd to suggest that String Theory's ground-breaking discoveries couldn't produce similar results. Time travel, teleportation, and many other innovations which we haven't even imagined are all very real possibilities when it comes to the implications of String Theory.

In conclusion, scientists *should* keep researching String Theory because 1) it has the potential to provide invaluable scientific knowledge, and 2) it's practical applications would greatly aid human technological progress. The resolution is affirmed.

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2015-05-21 15:39:26
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: string theory

a cosmological theory based on the existence of cosmic string

String Theory :

Scientists should not continue researching String Theory because of the many inconsistencies and flaws surrounding this ideology.  The first flaw is that the 'The String Theory' cannot produce a single testable prediction or is even measurable. These cosmological strings to gather data from is yet to be found. Meaning that these 'cosmological strings' possibly don't exist. Yet. Anyways, if scientists haven't found any evidence of these 'cosmological strings', . Likewise, even if scientists haven't found any evidence of these 'cosmological strings', why should we waste precious money and research on a theory that scientists can't produce data from ? nevertheless,  if we find these strings it would take a lot of energy and time to uncurl them . In fact, our most powerful particle colliders can't finish the job. There is a reason why the String Theory has been neglected by the scientific community and that is the many problems and risks it take to research the ideology. Scientists should focus on other theories that provide evidence and or collect data from. Additionally, the String Theory is proven to be impossible to prove and is just a plain waste of time.

String Theory Flaws:

1. Scientific Research is not possible.

2. Impossible to collect data from.

3. Strings cannot be uncurled.

4. No evidence to prove it's existence .

In Conclusion:

Further research on String Theory would prove that it would be a waste of time and money. The theory in itself has often been ignored because of the many loopholes and risks It takes to research it. The resolution is affirmed.


- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_theory

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2015-05-22 03:56:28
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