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Robots can replace mathematics teachers

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GarretGarret (PRO)
It is my belief that robots can replace mathematics teachers. My argument is true for the following reasons. I expect the Contender to list the reasons that support her belief, as well as challenge my argument.

1. Robots can understand math problems and show the most effective steps to solve it. 
2. Robots can alert other mentors if there is danger in the classroom. 
3. Robots can execute discipline as needed (no gum in the classroom, no phones out, etc.).
4. Robots can test students on math problems.
5. Robots can analyze areas that students grow or are struggling in, allowing to adjust their teaching accordingly.
6. Running a robot in the classroom is cheaper than hiring a teacher.

I would like to thank the Contender for accepting this debate. I hope for this to be civilized and wish to hear from her.

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2018-03-09 00:13:14
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