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Pro or Con: Using Natural Cleaning Detergents

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JasonRoberts85JasonRoberts85 (PRO)
I am all for using natural cleaning detergents at home, because they lack all the chemical ingredients, which are often seen in commercial cleaners. Many cleaning detergents sold in stores contain all kinds of harmful chemicals, which get released into the air while we clean. I work in a cleaning company, which provides many serious services, like tile cleaning, and even there we try to limit the usage of chemicals as much as possible. We replace them with products, which are made from natural, harmless ingredients, which still provide the same quality of cleaning. This way we not only get clean surfaces, but also healthy people.

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2017-10-25 13:29:26
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CaitlynBrookerCaitlynBrooker (CON)
I disagree, using tested detergents found in licensed stores is the best and least harmful option. The fact that they are being sold to the public means that someone decided they are safe enough to do so. And there is no chance something natural like vinegar or baking soda can dissolve grease and dirt that's been there for days, weeks even. Maybe you can clean something small with a natural cleaner, but if your home is really dirty, you have no other option than to get a real cleaning detergent. 
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2017-10-25 13:33:27
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2017-10-28 02:27:02
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