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Is religion a force for good or for evil?

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Bugsy460Bugsy460 (PRO)
Since the resolution is posed as a question, I'll assume I get to choose what side I want. I will affirm that "Religion is a force for evil".


1. Religion shall be defined as major global religions that have created actual social movements. For example, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, or Buddhism.

2. Evil shall be defined as anything that infringes on the positive liberty of individuals. Positive liberty is a way of saying liberty to have autonomy without hurting others autonomy.

My Case

1. Religion, as Nietzsche put it, is based in slave morality. This basically entails that religion puts weakness on a pedestal. For example, the virtue of chastity is because people were not able to attract sexual partners, so they said it was evil. Criminalizing pride was because people couldn't be proud of themselves. We shouldn't propagate things that cause weakness and stop people from full accomplishing themselves.

2. Religion is the basis of discrimination on large scale. Islam refuses to give women or homosexuals equal treatment and radicals declare war on other religions. Christianity refuses to give the LGBTQ community equal treatment. Buddhism puts focus on women tempting monks out of celibacy and blame women for most of the sexual encounters. Discrimination simply stops people from being able to have equal opportunity and make fully autonomous actions.

Religion infringes on the ability for individuals to have full autonomy of themselves, and this is simply evil.

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2020-07-29 16:23:21
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is there a god? a creator, a prime mover, an uncaused cause,
whatever you like to call it
Posted 2020-07-29 11:38:49
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