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If the goverments planned a false alien invasion.its people would beleive it

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I am sorry.But i find myself busy.I am gardening and it is very important to me.There are strange medical properties in plants.Tumeric can reverse brain damage done by schizophrenic medication.Sweet-flag roots can repair the brain. hawthorn berry's heal the heart. My brain has been damaged by pharmaceuticals.If i randomly grow 1000 different kinds of plants.The odds of me finding a plant that can heal me is almost inevitable.This gardening thing is very important to me. God put medicine in plants for all disease.People in third world country's are curing themselfs of malaria with sweet wormwood.I have to grow them myself because there is high amounts of lead and mercury in the ones you buy online because they are not grown with sunflowers.This is philosophical to me

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2020-04-28 02:45:42
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Sorry but i lack the time
Posted 2020-04-28 02:46:10
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hypothetically If the united states goverment tomorrow say's aliens are invading us most folk today would believe it.They would have planes that look like flying saucers and holograms